Grizzelle's Kinetic Match Making

Grizzelle's Kinetic Match Making

We had great success with Grizzelle's Valentine's Day Love Match and connected so many people with loving spirits that we have decided to do this again~!

This is a truly wonderful way to bring that special spirit into your life. Whether you are looking for romantic love, sexual love or just friendship.... this will work for you!

There are many spirits out there looking for that special human companion; someone to share their world with and show that they too need and
 desire love.

When you purchase one of these items,  you will need to inclue your full name and date of birth in your instructions when you pay.

Your details will enable Grizzelle to connect to your energy and pass this onto the spirit world so they can feel it too. She will then put your energy out there so the spirits can feel it and sense if there is a connection there. When a spirit or spirit comes forward with an interest in you, that spirit will be invoked into the vessel~!

This process will take 3-5 days from the point of purchase, and then Grizzelle will mail us your item, and we in turn will get it out to you!

Are you ready to find your spiritual soul mate?

Grizzelle's Kinetic Match Making
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