Guardian of Souls, One for Your Children, AUGUST SALE

This piece calls upon the ancient Bohisattva whose name is Jizo, which means Treasure of the Earth.  He truly is a treasure, too.  Jizo is the guardian of souls and has been specially commissioned to be the protectorate over all mortal children.

I know that a lot of you are on our website looking for vampire pieces, or werewolf pieces, or pieces that will give you the powers of a fairy.  We don't really have a whole bunch of pieces that are tailored specifically for children.  Well, my friends, here it is.

This item has been infused with the magic of Jizo.  He protects mortal children against ALL forces of evil, regardless of their origin.  He lacks the emotion of fear; thus, Jizo will never be defeated.  Jizo's sacred function is his ability to save the souls of children from the less-than-pleasant aspects of the Afterlife.  He patrols the gatesways to the Realms of Death, saving children who do not deserve to experience negativity! 

This item is the perfect protection piece that will keep after your child on fronts that you necessarily can't do anything about.  Sure you can bathe your children, and make sure you keep them from peril.  However, this piece, which invokes the presence of Jizo, keeps your children safe from trawling demons, dark forces, negative energies, and any other spiritual type of attack that you could think of.  He is a white light protectorate and basically the Guardian Angel of Children, who will assure your children's metaphysical and spiritual sanctity and protect their souls!  What more could you ask for? 

To use this item, you must write write down the names of the Children or Child you wish to protect in red pen.  You must then say a prayer to Jizo, who will inhabit the box and protect the names of children that you write on your list! 

Guardian of Souls, One for Your Children, AUGUST SALE
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