Gypsy Magic Luck Bracelet

This piece is one of our very own home-made pieces. I know, I just made it sound like ice cream, but it's true... we have placed all the powers into this piece. We tried a little help from our friends, too. We called Grizzelle up from the astral planes to help us perfect this piece and the results are amazing. This piece in a gypsy luck piece. It consults the powers of an ancient gypsy witch from around the 4th Century. This is a period when magic flowed freely, before the church started persecuting people for mastering and utilizing the free force energy flow of white light magic. This gypsy luck piece is used for one of two reasons. The first reason is to bring you wealth. I mean, look at all these gypsy reality shows on television... they have to have some kind of money!! It's because they have mastered magic that allows them master wealth energy and use it to seek out monetary gains. This piece also allows you to seek out love. I'm not talking about this wishy-washy high school puppy love. I'm talking about powers that will go out before you. It will search on the astral plane through the minds of lovers to find you a soul mate. It will find a deep-rooted love and passion that will transpire into a true love for you-- like the love that is known after 50 years of marriage. This piece will also give you the power of gypsy witch spells. They are white light spells that will give you a higher divination and enlightenment. This piece is a unique one-of-a-kind bracelet that allows you an infinite supply of energy and power. Put this magic to work for you today!!
Gypsy Magic Luck Bracelet
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