Bosley has nothing on us!! Okay, I just HAD to say that. Now that I've got it out of my system, allow me to tell you the reason for my outburst. It seems that more and more people today are going bald at an earlier and earlier age. Listen, I know what if feels like. I have a receding hairline myself. While, this was a sign of "manhood" and completely acceptable in past generations, it seems to be less and less appealing in today's society. Nobody likes a stringy looking, Republican comb over. I know, it sounds harsh... but it's true. If you are a female, the results are even more devastating. Wigs might become your new best friend. However, why not allow our super-powerful vampire accomplice, Tomer, be your hero. We have gotten requests in and now Tomer has been able to design a piece that will reinstate the youth and bounce of your hair. If you are going bald, this piece will not only slow-down and stop the hair loss process.... in fact, it will reverse the process all together and restore your beautiful hair of youth!! Listen, I think "aged to perfection" fits for some people. Admittedly, it's not for everyone though. Tomer said he made this piece using a practice he learned way back in a Greek mystery school. It embodies the beauty and youth of the love Goddess, Aphrodite. I mean, you can't wrong with her. She's a verY, VERY powerful goddess. Don't feel insecure anymore. Fix your head!! HAIR'S TO YOU!! THIS WAS ORIGHINALY MADE FOR A WOMAN THAT TOMER WAS SEEING WHEN HER HAIR BEGAN TO THIN AND FALL OUT. HE MADE THIS FOR HER BECAUSE IT WOULD GIVE HER LONG AND GORGEOUS FLOWING HAIR,IT WORKED AND THERE IS NO NEED FOR HER TO HAVE PLUS SHE HAS NOW AGED AND PASSED ON.
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