These cups are part of a series of antique tea cups that are spirit attached. All are powerful and at a great price. All can help you change your destiny for the better. With these gorgeous tea cups come some free spelled tea which will activate the spirit and the cup. After that, you can use any type of tea you wish.

This one is Holly Jenkins. Holly is what is called a Hand Spirit or Hand Maid of Destiny. You can read your own leaves yourself and then you ask Holly to change anything you don't want. She becomes your Hand Maid of Destiny. She is great at the tarot cards and you can have your tea or coffee in this cup while reading them too. Once done, you can ask her to change them. Redo them and you will see that she has changed your destiny. You will also find that what is showing will come to be reality for you. Why leave your destiny to someone other than yourself? Change what needs to be changed and get what you need.

Along with this cup comes wealth, already built in AND what an inexpensive price to pay.

See the YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4aO6zbgRHE
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