HAPPY HOLIDAYS 03 12-01-09

ALL OF THE HAPPY HOLIDAY SPECIALS COME WITH YOUR CHOICE OF A ONE CARD READING. YOU CAN PICK FROM THE VAMPIRE OR FAIRY. YOU GET TO KEEP THE CARD AND CAN BURN THE CARD TO CHANGE YOUR DESTINY OR PLACE A PENNY ON IT COME JANUARY FIRST TO SEAL IT.THE CARD WILL BE SENT WITH YOUR ORDER.THESE ARE COMING FROM TWO MAGICAL DECKS. ABATA This is a wealth spirit and produces children that are very powerful. This is usually done in a swamp. These children can manifest as snakes or humans. They are friendly and easy to communicate with. They give great wealth. An offering for them would be a small bowl of water. This comes right form my forum and the name her name is Ashia. The other ones name is Treme. You will get one of the ones you see.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS 03 12-01-09
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