HAPPY HOLIDAYS 08 12-01-09

ALL OF THE HAPPY HOLIDAY SPECIALS COME WITH YOUR CHOICE OF A ONE CARD READING. YOU CAN PICK FROM THE VAMPIRE OR FAIRY. YOU GET TO KEEP THE CARD AND CAN BURN THE CARD TO CHANGE YOUR DESTINY OR PLACE A PENNY ON IT COME JANUARY FIRST TO SEAL IT.THE CARD WILL BE SENT WITH YOUR ORDER.THESE ARE COMING FROM TWO MAGICAL DECKS.IN YOUR NOTES PLEASE STATE WHAT TYPE OF READING YOU WANT. IF YOU DON'T YOU WON'T GET ONE. ALSO EMAIL ME DIRECTLY TO KISSMECRAZIE@GMAIL.COM AND NOT THROUGH THE WEBSITE. These are only this price for the Christmas holiday. These are the Suleymen. They are the 72 kings that control the Djinn. If you have a problem with yours then this is something to get. If you don't have one but wanted a good Djinn then this is the one for you. Regular price will go to 500.00 after the Holiday. These will make your Djinn do what they need to do. This includes if you got an evil one. The next item I offer is like the Djinn but much different and you might want to read that one before making a decision on what you want. There are three of them shown and you will get one of them. These can be used alone or to make your Djinn do what they are supposed to do. They can not say no,it is like government to them.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS 08 12-01-09
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