HAPPY HOLIDAYS 09 12-01-09

ALL OF THE HAPPY HOLIDAY SPECIALS COME WITH YOUR CHOICE OF A ONE CARD READING. YOU CAN PICK FROM THE VAMPIRE OR FAIRY. YOU GET TO KEEP THE CARD AND CAN BURN THE CARD TO CHANGE YOUR DESTINY OR PLACE A PENNY ON IT COME JANUARY FIRST TO SEAL IT.THE CARD WILL BE SENT WITH YOUR ORDER.THESE ARE COMING FROM TWO MAGICAL DECKS.PLEASE PLACE IN YOUR NOTES WHICH ONE YOU WANT. IF I DON;T SEE A NOTE I WILL ASSUME YOU DO NOT WANT ONE. This is the breeding of a human and a Djinn. Only the human man can marry and produce children with a female Djinn. When they do have children the disposition of them is friendly,loyal and loving but they hold all the power of the Djinn. They will die as humans do but still stay as Djinn for almost ever. Being that they are human friendly they actually seek to help out humans as they did originate from them. They are half and half,just like creamer for your coffee. They can walk through walls,take full form,fly and travel astrally,give power and ability and grant to humans what is best for them. This one is sterling silver with real stones,garnet,moonstone and others. This is a family of them. You will get Jenny,Syianna, Frietz,Hillary and Vreg. It is fine that the names are spoken because these are half human and half Djinn.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS 09 12-01-09
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