HAPPY SAINTS 13 temporal statis,skeleton watch with jewels

These are GREAT! These were given to me by a friend that is very into the paranormal and also in proving it. They do a ton of research on all kinds of things and the latest was the earthquake in Chile.

When this earthquake hit it sent the earth back in time for a little while. Going to Chile my friend discovers there is a weird energy in certain places and that there are now more then a few portals. In these portals one can step back in time even farther and keep that energy with them when they step out.

This energy prevents aging the longer you are there.When carrying a metal with you or precious jewel this energy becomes like a battery and is constantly working to slow time. The time change is measured in seconds so your never aging but there is much more to this then that.

Temporal Statis is the ability to freeze time and molecules which this does rather well. When around the undead or any type of spirit they become of a different material and your able to focus on them better visually and mentally. Why this is we are not sure but something in the energy that clings to the metal and jewels activates something in the soul. This is of course along with the ability you gain in freezing time as well.

This is not something you want to wear all the time. If you do your bodies energy and that of the energy of the earth actually going back in time can open a portal like a wild acid trip.

Why would you want one? You can communicate better with all spirits,you can seriously nearly stop the aging process but you would need to wear it often just not 24/7 because that can open portals. The portal part due to using the universes energy can NOT be controlled. Do NOT ask me how you do it. I'm trying to tell you now,we don't know. What we do know through testing it is that portals do open the longer you wear it but we can't control when they open. We feel that it gets used to your bodies energy and that blends that with a universal and planetary energy and that is what causes it.

I have three that were sent to me and they are in a modern style so that you can wear them and look normal or all wiccanie,whatever turns you on.

This is a serious item for the more serious person. If your really into finding out if something is truly "out there" then this is something for you. If you didn't know that the earth went back in time due to the earthquake then look it up.

There pieces two in sterling and one super cool that they knew I would like,it is a skeleton watch,doesn't work and doesn't need to it is the energy. Each one will be on by itself so you can pick the one you like. Your getting the one in the picture.
HAPPY SAINTS 13 temporal statis,skeleton watch with jewels
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