HAPPY SAINTS 17 milk duds

This is really inexpensive because it is not made of sterling or gold but it does work. DO you need some cushion for the push in? Do you like black men? Do your boobs need a lift and stretch or just some inflation?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is the ring for you!

This was cast by a witch on dare. She usually doesn't do things like this but we were all drinking and having a good time and in the morning it was done. I did not test it because God knows I need no more butt or boobs!

But on accident I did wear it and I swear to you the boobs got freaking bigger. I looked at them and I thought Holy Mother!

Big butt,bigger boobs it does work and you do notice it. The more you wear it the more your going to have a size increase. You do not have to wear it on your finger because it is big but also unique too.
HAPPY SAINTS 17 milk duds
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