HAPPY SAINTS 18 cell memory

This piece is supernatural in origin it was created by spirits and not man. Only the thing added was the stone which is real. This was a copy of something that the cell Indian liked and recreated. He is a great spirit that traces YOUR cell memory.

What is cell memory?

Cell memory is part past life and part your genetics from other members in your family.

Studies have been done that find that if you have a phobia so will some other members of your family that you never even met. So it is NOT all learned behavior it is genetic.

This guide will trace all the lost memory,clean up the bad and guide you to a more spiritual life of magic and peace. He is also a doorway to the dead people in your deep and long ago past,INCLUDING yourself!

You may come in contact with you on another plane of existence which is freaky when it happens. To use this piece in that way you can use it with a ouija board,tarot cards or even meditation.

This one is very interesting and the results are often shocking. Could you have really been your great,great aunt?
HAPPY SAINTS 18 cell memory
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