HAPPY SAINTS 3 Russian Phoenix vamp

This piece is hand painted from Russia and a size 8. This is a Russian Phoenix Vampire.

His name is Migail and and he was a very powerful vampire that rose above the evil and regained his soul. This is why he is called the Phoenix Vampire.

His looks are blond and fair when most Russians are dark haired,his color changed when he turned. He still holds many of his same interests but also gained new ones. He does indulge in not blood but energy.

This is a vamp that is seriously looking for a mate to be with for eternity. This does not mean that you lose all your religion if you have any but rather when you reach the light you take him with you. Doing what he did he lost the ability to go into that light.

Yes he gained his soul back but he must have someone pull him through,this is what he says. He was also ugly as a human but when he changed his looks did too, into that of what he wanted to look like.

Most people do not want to buy an ugly vampire and they only want to hear what they can do for them. It's kinda like screw the vampire,what can he do for m? They all get the same abilities and they are all good in bed and want to do you but that is not always the case. If it were then they would all be alike and who would want them?

Just like in the human world where no two are alike this is the case with vampires.

This vampire is musically inclined,loves to inspire writing and the arts and is a little rough looking. He is not fem in anyway even though he might sound like it. He is not gentle in the bedroom but it is because in his human life he never got any. He is more like throw em down and do em kind of guy but he can be taught.

He is very intelligent but he told me that this has only been since he turned and before he was only average. His abilities do include the usual vamp findings of telepathy,mind orgasm and the like but I like this one and I will tell you why.

He is a guy that admits he was nothing spectacular before he turned. Average intelligence,no special skills and was ugly. But now he has changed. The reason he turned in the first place was not for power but because of being alone. He is honest and he has such a beautiful soul.

He is not your typical Vampire and he is one that is very loyal. Do NOT buy to resell if this is your intentions your vessel will arrive empty. He is highly intuitive and knows what you want him for.

He can be a life mate,lover or friend that you will be glad you allowed into your home.
HAPPY SAINTS 3 Russian Phoenix vamp
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