HAPPY SAINTS 4 GIZA Mystery school

This is the Mystery School of Giza. This is where many were initiated into the art of resurrection of both body and dimensional soul. This is not all that was learned but also how to communicate and blend with those on other planets to gain the knowledge of the magic and ability that they used.

This piece shows some of the cigar shaped UFO's near the Sphinx and the bubble shape over the head which is often thought to be either a alien visitor of a sign of enlightenment. This is both.

The teachings are of alien technology and how to use the mind to do anything. With this piece comes a Brahmin Priest. I'm aware that they are different in origin but this one learned so much and searched for true meaning and magic that he ended up back in Egypt.

There is belief with some that Jesus was a God that pays a visit to us sometimes and that he too was taught these things when here. My knowledge of that is inconclusive and I make no claims that it happened.

What I do say is that the Brahmin does guide and teach until you know all those ancient magics. It comes in many forms,through telepathy,books that you are guided to,dreams that are placed into you and power that is slowly seeped into you.

The Magic of the Brahmins is considered one of the first magics and also one that Mary practiced and was said to have been given the name Isis. It is all strange but we never know until we get there.

Have I used this item? Yes I have and meeting with the Priest was quite an encounter because at first I thought it was all bull. I have had various pieces like this and all do different things. I waited a day and I don't like to wait because of all I have to test. Many things I will give away unless something draws me to them.

When he spoke to me he called me an advanced being! Being?? I'm human! But to him I was ready to learn. I have been through the program and there is so much more I can do now. I feel as if I should go through again but knowing that it works is good enough for me.

This may sound crazy but at the time I was testing this ( I really did not want to give it a lot of time either) my goal was to raise the dead. Long story but not as morbid as you might think. Was I able to to do it? YES! But something about the symbols caught my eye and I stayed off.

You see I have a very rare object that only two in the world are known to exist and when I looked at that and then at this it held one of the same symbols. On the top of the mans head looks like a letter C laying on it's back. A little like horns. This is what my other item has too. This let me know the item was real. There is so much magic in symbols you would not believe it.

Thinking about what this piece can do I wondered if it was a good thing to bring something back from the dead. Would the personality be the same? This then made me wonder what about Pet Cemetery? Did I really want to go there? I believe that life is what it is for a reason. We can improve upon it but we are not the one that should determine that.

This piece will do that and so much more. It is a powerful piece for the serious in the arts.

The price would normally be 400.00 and one of the best 400.00 you ever spent if your looking to learn and gain ability.
HAPPY SAINTS 4 GIZA Mystery school
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