HAPPY SAINTS 5 wealthycon pendulum and spell caster

I love this item! It is set in gold with a nice sterling chain. It holds a wealthycon that also works as pendulum and can be used to cast spells when your holding it as a pendulum. The stone is real and the power is felt.

To use to cast a spell that will he helped along by your wealthycon it must have to do with wealth. This can be anything from paying the rent to needing a car repair.

All this piece does it wealth except when being used as a regular pendulum which actually charges it using your own energy. Just to test it out a little more I used it while playing with my Tarot cards because I was coming up with a reading that didn't make to much sense. It worked great and when I asked the person they told me I was dead on. I was stuck between two meanings and it was bugging me. You don't want to give a reading that is unclear to someone. It helped me in that aspect and also gave a granted wealth wish to the person I was doing the reading for.
HAPPY SAINTS 5 wealthycon pendulum and spell caster
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