HAPPY SAINTS 6 the martyrs club,not for the faint

This piece is one of a kind and to buy you added something very unusual to your collection. One of the things that HauntedCuriosities loves to do is gather the most unusual pieces that it can. This is most certainly one of them.

This piece is at least a couple of hundred years old. I had this piece for a very long time and did not know to much about it except that it was part of a club where they torture people to the point of death to get them to tell them what the afterlife is all about. They knew that if they could get the people to this point they could take the energy and use it. It was like if you could physically see the dead and touch them. When you can do this you are greatly empowered but this went a step beyond.

Having so much stuff I usually test and work with the items that interest me,torture is not one of them unless we are talking spiders. Which by the way are now in very small size and waiting to grow into plate size. It's time to let the killing begin!

Because this piece is so unusual it has been in my private collection for the longest time. I take it out and stare at wondering why the symbolism and what horrors the person must have gone through. Seemingly at first glance it appears to be a Victorian death or memorial ring but it is not. This dates way,way way back. To back that information up it is also one of the items that I still had a readable file on. Lucky me or maybe not?

What brought the ring to my attention again and for use and testing was a conversation I had a few weeks ago. I was talking to someone that told me of the movie the Martyrs a horror film that was very violent and terrible. The story was that there was an ancient club that stole young girls and tortured them to the point of death so that they would speak of the afterlife. I can't remember if they told me that in the movie they could bring back power and ability with them or not. Now this movie is fairly recent and this ring is hundreds of years old so the movie has to be based on some truth,although made for entertainment.

When you look at this ring you can see wrists and hands reaching around to grab a face,as in the grip of death grabbing the soul. Reading the file I found that this piece was given to the main and most powerful Martyr,the one that could bring back the sfterlife to the now and all that it held. This is a secret organization one that you don't want to play with.

Being empathic I could feel all that was there and KNOW that the secret organization did or still does exist. The ring is a size almost 3 and well made as most things were in that time. Being such a small size I could not wear it but placed it on a chain and wondered what if anything would happen. I was surprised at what did happen but not that it was not of supernatural origin,that I could already feel.

Learning all I did I realized that this was a little girl,powerful in life and more so in death,almost a God like being in her soul. Then I had to wonder if a movie was made about this today does it still go on? Who would know about such a secret organization and where are they now?

I have seen the heavens and met with the angelic beings both good and bad. You can't help it,it is all part of the passing into the other world. The bad can not touch you unless it is what you are going to become or go to anyway. But you see reality as most people can not see it. At first it depressed me because all I already knew came flooding at me and you now had no doubts. I remember sitting in a car and thinking about all of this and wondering if it is even worth going through the motions of life when you know it is all bullshit. That we all have a higher purpose? I wonder.

Then I had to look at why would this organization do things like this? It is because they gained power,ability and an almost Super power ability.

Either way this is one impressive piece. You will get the little girls name and you do open your eyes not in psychic ability as per say one ability but in what she calls TRUE LIGHT. I don't think I have ever had a piece like this,True Light,I think that says it all.

Please remember that these pieces will go up in price come tomorrow. This piece will be sold for 500.00 and it is worth so much more then that. Take advantage of these sales while you can and on this one before I change my mind about selling it.
HAPPY SAINTS 6 the martyrs club,not for the faint
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