HAPPY SAINTS 7 into the underworld


A god of duality, dual purpose--The god is guard of the entrance and the exit to the underworld.

You appeal to Aker and ask him to allow you to enter the underworld. This is a world of mystery magic and a place where you may visit the dead.

You must have an amulet of him in order for you to do this and with this you will. This is not any amulet but one that embodies him in the spiritual form. He will also allow the dead to exit into other dimensions where they retain full knowledge of being alive and what they have learned in the underworld.

The other really significant thing that this amulet will do for you is give you the knowledge of the ancient Kamitian. These are the ancient people of Egypt. There was a magic used in that time that has been lost today,mainly because it is hard to understand the language and writings they used.When you enter into the underworld using Aker you will learn this magic. This is a magic of extraordinary means. There was levitation of man of materials,,star dowsing.raising of the dead,reincarnation recall,and what I have heard him say to me is inner magic. Inner magic is the magic of Gods.This is information that has been lost on time and can now be learned again.

Aker will also offer protection but not make you take it. He can be your guide in both the underworld and in other worlds or just grant you access,your choice.

This amulet was dropped out of no where during a conjuring done between the legs of the sphinx in Egypt. This item belonged to a man named Bude Or Budgie,he wrote a book on the Egyptian language.I will find out more on this and let you know but he was a pretty famous person.

This pendant dates to the late 1800's. When I hold it in my hand I can feel it tingle and I KNOW it will give you power. You just need to make sure it doesn't change your personality. I let Ricky use this and he seems to think he is a God himself now and that he is all powerful. You will be powerful but you need to keep your attitude in check. Not everyone is a great as I, I mean you.

This is better then the one I had on because it does many things.It too is an antique. I believe this is made of real gold but unmarked due to age. The stone is Lapis and it is brilliant.
HAPPY SAINTS 7 into the underworld
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