HAPPY SAINTS 8 flash of telepathic health,clearing

This item is one of a kind. I only have one of them and what is important is the stone. This could be gold shell or real gold but I'm not saying it is. I have no way of testing it but I know it has not changed colors. This is also over a 100 years old and well made. The ring size is 5 and can be worn on the finger or on a chain.

The stone will flash and it looks like a dot of fire. When this happens the ring is ready to use. You must wear it on your finger or a chain for a full 24 hours before you begin use.

Once your ready to use you will wait for the flash and then you may telepathically clear people,heal them and also place a better life path before them. This ring is amazing and I have used it on many people to know the ring works! You will love it and it is something that you can use over and over again.

What is great about this ring is that it doesn't matter where the person lives even if far from you,that is just how it works.
HAPPY SAINTS 8 flash of telepathic health,clearing
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