HAPPY SAINTS 9 bewitchment,love,wealth

Florence Newton, a notorious lady of the Middle Ages, was on several occasions accused of using the kiss of bewitchment to bewitch people. The first was a servant-maid who refused to give her alms. About a week after wards the lady kissed her violently, and from then onward the maid suffered from fits and was transported to different locations, now being carried mysteriously to the top of the house, now being placed between two feather beds, and so on.

The lady also caused the death of one David Jones, who stood sentinel over her in prison by kissing his hand, and by the same means brought about the deaths of three children.

Even though these terrible events took place and is historical fact what is not told is of the other things that this woman did.

Florence Newton did not just cause suffering,though she did have a bad temper,she also caused much good. Her first lover was a bewitchment and she liked him so he was safe. Florence took him to her bed and turned him into sex god. The problem was he decided to stray and then she kissed him in her I'm angry and your going to die way and poof,he was a goner! This sounds good to me.

Florence from that time on took many lovers and all of them were bewitched. They all really loved her but it was she who would dump them. She was also able to sustain herself in a comfortable way. She was able to order the finest linens and silks,pearls and rare jewels. It was thought at first that her magic money power came from what item she used to get these things but it was not. All her financial gain came from the men that she had bewitched who were more then willing to turn over all possessions to her in hope of gaining favor.

When Florence reached her 60's and that was an old age for then she met a man that she was really interested in. She loved him and touched his lips to her ring,they ended up staying together until death.

This ring like the last one I had gets that clear face showing up every now and then. This ring does the purest of bewitchment and wealth all at once. You get your pick of who you want and unlike other items of love and sex this one does turn the mind. I like this because of that,there is no sense in being with someone when you know it is only a spell that is causing them to like you.

I almost just lost this piece. I thought my cat Paris Hilda took it off somewhere,she is good for that. I need to get her to a klepto doctor.

This is sterling,size 6 and it opens. Place the name of the person inside and a small piece of YOUR hair,it can be an eye brow or even a small pube hawk. There is a reason your using your hair,you don't need to if you don't want the wealth. You can wear on a chain but it MUST be worn on the outside of your clothes and not hidden under your long johns or mellons.
HAPPY SAINTS 9 bewitchment,love,wealth
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