The Borley Rectory

The history of Borley Rectory begins with the building of a gothic Benedictine monastery in the 13th century. Those were not genteel times and legend has it that a monk and his lovely young love-interest, a nun from a nearby convent, were both done-in while trying to elope the establishment and start a new life together.

They were captured and the monk was hung while his fiancé was walled up, alive in the cold walls of her convent. Two lovers torn apart to be isolated forever.

After its stint as a monastery, it was sold off as a residence and a rectory was soon added in 1862 by Rev. Henry Bull and his family. Reverend Bull had become pastor of Borley Church in 1862 and despite local warnings, built the rectory on a site believed by locals to be haunted. This 23 room house was built on top of a hill in Essex in 1863. Right after it was built, it became the the object of stories involving ghosts and poltergeist activity.

Over the years, Bull’s servants and his daughters were repeatedly unnerved by phantom rappings, unexplained footsteps and the appearance of ghosts.

When the last member of the Bull family died in 1927, no one wanted to live there because of the stories of hauntings.

Finally a newspaper sent a reporter to investigate, and the reporter came back claiming he had heard footsteps in empty rooms and had seen flying candelabras.

Harry Price, a ghost hunter from England, visited the rectory in 1929, and spent the next twenty years investigating and writing about the place. He spent a year living there himself, and worked with many other investigators. Among the things people saw in the rectory were the ghost of a nun, flying candlesticks, and "ghost writing" that appeared on the walls.

Seen outside the rectory were the ghost of a woman on the front lawn, a headless man in the garden, and a coach pulled by two horses and driven by a headless coachman.

Harry Price documented nearly 2,000 unexplainable occurrences.

Troy Taylor notes, In October 1930 the Reverend Lionel Foyster and his wife, Marianne moved into the home. Their time in the house would see a marked increase in the paranormal activity. People were locked out of rooms, household items vanished, windows were broken, furniture was moved, odd sounds were heard and much more.

However, the worst of the incidents seemed to involve Mrs. Foyster, as she was thrown from her bed at night, slapped by invisible hands, forced to dodge heavy objects which flew at her day and night, and was once almost suffocated with a mattress.

Soon after, there began to appear a series of scrawled messages on the walls of the house, written by an unknown hand. They seemed to be pleading with Mrs. Foyster, using phrases like “Marianne, please help get” and “Marianne light mass prayers”.

Because nearly all of the poltergeist-like activity occurred when Mrs. Foyster was present, Price was inclined to attribute it to her unknowing manipulations.

Despite the implications of the phenomena centering around Marianne, Price maintained that at least one of the spirits in the house had found the rector’s wife to be sympathetic to its plight. This was the only explanation he could find for the mysterious messages.

The Foysters moved out of the house in 1935 and with the place now empty, Price leased the house for an extended, round-the-clock, one year investigation. He ran an advertisement in the personal column of the Times on May 25, 1937 looking for open-minded researchers to literally “camp out” at the rectory and record any phenomena which took place in their presence. The advertisement read:

“HAUNTED HOUSE: Responsible persons of leisure and intelligence, intrepid, critical, and unbiased, are invited to join rota of observers in a years night and day investigation of alleged haunted house in Home counties. Printed Instructions supplied. Scientific training or ability to operate simple instruments an advantage. House situated in lonely hamlet, so own car is essential. Write Box H.989, The Times, E.C.4”

Price was deluged with potential applicants, most of whom were unsuitable. After choosing more than 40 people, he then printed the first-ever handbook on how to conduct a paranormal investigation. A copy was given to each investigator and it explained what to do when investigating the house, along with what equipment they would need.

During the investigations, the researchers were allowed a wide latitude when it came to searching for facts. Some of them employed their own equipment, others kept precise journals and others turned to séances, which would prove interesting over the period of 1935 to 1939.

During the year that Price leased the rectory, breakthroughs were made in the communications with the spirits. One séance would later give Price the material that he needed to solve (he believed) the mystery of the haunting.

During a sitting with a planchette, an alleged spirit named Marie Lairre related that she had been a nun in France but had left her convent to marry Henry Waldegrave, a member of a wealthy family whose manor home once stood on the site of Borley Rectory. There, her husband had strangled her and had buried her remains in the cellar.

The story went well with the most interesting of the Borley phenomena, namely the reported phantom nun and the written messages. Price theorized that the former nun had been buried in unconsecrated ground and was now doomed to haunt the property seeking rest.

n March of 1938, five months after Marie’s first appearance, another spirit promised that the rectory would burn down that night and that the proof of the nun’s murder would be found in the ruins. Borley Rectory did not burn that night, but exactly 11 months later, a new owner, Captain WH Gregson was unpacking books in the library when an oil lamp overturned and started a fire. The blaze quickly spread and the rectory was gutted.

Price took this opportunity to excavate in the cellar of the house and discovered a few fragile bones which turned out to be that of a young woman.... evidence, Price concluded, there was something to the story of the murdered nun. A Christian burial for the bones appeared to provide the ghost with the rest she had long sought and a service was later conducted by the Rev. AC Henning in the small village of Liston, less than two miles from the rectory.

The site of the home is still a reputable location for investigations to be forecast. Deedee loves to travel and so we decided to venture off to the famous sanctuary back in 2008.

The trip was amazing, we were able to pick up on a variety of information and knowledge that resided from this historical haunting.

After visiting the site and collecting auric energies that lingered with past regressions, we went to the burial site of the body that had been found by Price.

At the grave Deedee was able to pull forth forces from the site. The nun's spirit was invoked in the atmosphere and still never been fully at rest. No one was able to hear her story. We learned that her body was put in the basement walls and she was buried alive... the depiction was true, but the reasoning was not quite right!

The head nun was in love with the same man, and she ordered this woman, Marie Lairre, to be killed. Only after her fiance denied the advances of the Head Master was he killed.

She was able to recall the horrifying knowledge of knowing she was dying, that the minutes passed like days and it was a horrible death.

She did roam the premises for years and did try to connect with those who had even the slightest sensitivity, but no one was able to bring forth her story. Deedee was the first with full psychic connection that was able to feel and hear the tale from the poor victim.

After corresponding with Marie Lairre, and promising to disclose the true tale, she relinquished her powers of correspondence into the item you see below.

Deedee was wearing this piece as an elusive allure item. Having an open, peaceful endowment will sometimes make the connection easier because spirits will better be able to acknowledge your understanding and sensitivity to their energies.

Marie is now in peace knowing that people have been made aware that the Head Nun was the murderer.... she will grant the adorner of this piece: energy manipulation -- allowing you to control and generate energy fields; entropy projection -- bringing forth the ability to cause energy to become kinetically charged; sonokinesis --- this will allow you to mentally manipulate sound waves; and extreme telekinesis --- so you can move things with your mind!

Marie used all these endeavors to try and showcase herself to those who stayed in the Rectory over the years --- she wanted her body to be found decades before, but no one connected the dots, they simply strided with fear.

You can now be filled with Marie's energies and use them to rectify your life --- these abilities are enchanting, powerful and can be astounding if used conjunctionally!

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