You may think by the title that this piece has something to do with a fashion designer.  A fashion designer? Hardly.  Unless you, of course, are thinking of fashioning power and magic.  Then, you are on to something.  Either way, the piece holds an incredible power and it's one that we've all been curious about for centuries now and probably even longer that.  Yeah, there have been answers, I'll give you that.  However, you can never get tired of a good magic piece that summons the likeness of a vampire.  He's not just any vampire, though.  He is the Elizabeth Bathory or the Vlad the Impaler of South America.  He was fascinated with death, and in lieu of his fear he ordered those he rule over to develop a cure for death.  The only cure for death, in his case, was to become the undead.  In a ritual during which he was laid out on a slab of stone fro 3 days, he successfully traveled through the realms to find and achieve immortality.  The backfire?  He would become a vampire.  He also ordered half of his staff to undergo the transformation as well.  With this power, he was able to successfully develop a strong coven and stronghold. 

The ancient city of Puno lies on the banks of Lake Titicaca in the ancient country that is called Peru.  The scenery is very stunning and the city is pristine.  It has an air of clean and saintly, like it could be the city that was supposed to fall to Earth from Heaven in the End Time.  The altitude provides for a refreshing crispness in the air and everything in this mountain town seems almost perfect.  At least this is what Deedee and I thought when we first showed up for our investigation.  Then, there in the middle of it all, on the corner called the Plaza de Armas, is the biggest sore thumb of them all.  It is crumbling ruins of an old Spanish adobe building that was once the home of the Conde de Lemos, the Viceroy of Peru.  It is the most feared place in the whole city.  Why?  Because the man that I was talking about in the previous paragraph is the same person as the Viceroy, who once ruled over the entire country of Peru, in all his vampiric glory. 

Despite the fact that the entire city was frightened of the old building, Deedee and I didn't travel to South America for no good reason.  We set up camp inside of the building.  The building was just as run down on the inside as it looked on the outside.  The inside was rather mu and kind of smelled like dead roses.  Other than that, I had no qualms remaining in the building over night.  I guess the maid or keeper had a problem with or something.  She tried to shoo us from the property at night, telling us that he would come for us if we didn't leave.  I was excited because that was the whole point.  As the dark neared, the maid tried to make us leave, but we insisted on staying.  She eventually just gave up, throwing her hands in the air.  She merely wanted to get home before the dark and all it had to offer enveloped around her.  

As for Deedee and I, we welcomed the entity and it wasn't hard to get in contact with the being.  We used a spirit pentacle that we got when we were down in Cassadaga, Florida a few years ago.  He was very willing to communicate and boast about how ruthless of a ruler he was.  He did this is flashes of memories through which Deedee and I traveled through time.  He flashed us back to a memory where he held a siege over a gold mine that was discovered by a group of two.  They had heard the king was coming to claim the gold they had found and barricaded the entrance to the cave.  The king got through eventually, killing them, and even the women and children, having a blood rite with them inside the cave that allowed him to garner all the wealth powers of the mine and its gold without ever having to step foot in the mine again.

Next, he took us to a place that was deep in the rain forest.  I saw people running and screaming for their life.  Then, something moving about as quick as lightning.  It didn't take me long to realize that what we were being showed was the human farm.  This is a place where humans are born and raised for the sole purpose of the vampiric hunt.  He does this not because he cares about hit people, but because he didn't want to lower his population.  I watched as he pounced gracefully on one human, sinking his fangs it him, then throwing his body away like he was hucking a peanut shell.  He showed us one other place, the secrets of which we are not allowed to divulge.  It was in this place that he gave us the pieces that we are offering now, on the website. 

These pieces will give you a full sanguine awakening.  It's not going to give you a full transformation, but rather give you the DNA strand of a sanguine, without the need for blood.  This means you can go about your normal everyday life without too much interference, other than the fact that you will now find yourself with the full range of powers that would normally belong to a sanguine vampire.  It will give you the full psychic awareness of a sanguine, including the ability to predict your future as well as those around you.  It will also give you super strength, speed, agility, and most importantly-- the ability to practice vampire spells and magic.  Last but not least, it will give you the ability to communicate with the vampire gods to obtain any type of lost knowledge or magic you might be after!

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