Havasupai Charms

My friends and I are getting to the age where are beginning to worry about what effects our health will have on our life-- what are some of the leading causes of stress? what are some of the leading causes of cancer? what are some of the leading causes of aging?-- so on and so forth. So, we decided to launch a “Be Healthy" campaign. We weren’t exclusively committing ourselves to a diet or exercise plan, or throwing ourselves into therapy. We were all simply in agreement to sustain more healthy, active lives. Each would act as each other’s buddy system... a kind of support in a crisis, or failure, if one should arise. Well, it was going good, but now....... It’s going even better.

My friend, Heather, is into all kinds of herbal treatments. You know, she has the “never kill your liver with toxins” mentality; some of her stuff works really nicely. We didn’t really think much of it, when she sent us a group message on Facebook, informing us that she had found the next revolutionary secret to health, wellness, and anti-aging. Apparently, she had gotten in contact with an Indian Shaman in the old-fashioned, “I know somebody who knows somebody,” manner. Anyway, this Indian Shaman had apparently supplied Heather with a quantity of magic charms. Soak one of these charms in a bath of water for twenty-four hours, then bathe yourself with this water. Following this, air dry yourself.

If you follow this process correctly you will unlock the powers that are beheld in the pieces. The powers that are in the pieces come from the sacred enchanted waters of the Havasu Canyon. These waters have been enchanted by Indian spirits since prehistoric times and bring forth life and abundance. They will also bring forth good harvest, or in our terms, good fortune. The powers inhabited in these pieces will stop aging entirely in its tracks, promote good health, and bring about astounding beauty. It will assist in ridding your body of toxins or evil spirits that you may be unknowingly harboring, and bless you with a charm of good harvest, leading the spirits to look on your favorably and grant your requests and wishes. You will receive one of the pieces below. Reserve your piece today.

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