5-6-09 HAYOTH

This is the name given to the four Holy creatures in the Jewish religion. These were also known as tetramorphs.

They have human forms with four faces and four wings. These beings were a blend of various creatures like the lion and the eagle.

They are able to move like lightening. They were also part of Ezekiel wheel and his visions.

Above their heads was a Sapphire throne which sat a fiery man who sat on it. This being reveals the nature of the Godhead.

The true nature of the Godhead is revealed to you by this creature and I bet you will be very surprised to know who that is. We are but in the image!

The power however is also in that same image but we need to reach out to the throne and grab it.

Many religions are all the same. Many things are in one religion which are not in another. The reason for this is to scatter the knowledge from getting into the wrong hands.

The Hayoth is a apocalyptic beast which is nothing but good and pure white light.

How I got this item is quite an interesting story in itself.

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