This piece is devoted to the energy and knowledge of an Egyptian God known as Aten.  His story is a major story of success and the way he came to bring enlightenment and knowledge to the kingdom of Egypt is really more a rags to riches story, as he took a more plausible way to power that most other gods.  Most other gods inflict divine intervention in ways that leave people saying, "OH MY GOD!!", no pun intended.  Aten was not one of those gods and he believed in spreading power through practicality.  People will believe a god of magic if he his powers never go asunder.

In ancient Egypt, Thebes was the place to be.  It was the capital of ancient Egypt and was trucking along just fine with some 500 deities.  This was until one day when the Pharaoh Amenhotep IV came to power.  He was a student of Aten even created a cult dedicated to Aten called-- you guessed it-- the Cult of Aten.  He also just happened to be next in line to the throne and when he claimed the throne as his own, he and Aten hit the big time. 

The first thing Amenhotep IV did was change his to to Akhenaten, meaning he who worships Aten.  And why not?  Aten, who is a sun deity, is central to the universe, having divine knowledge of all things from magic, to the knowledge of time, to the knowledge of all powers.  I mean, he is literally a deity that can answer any question that could ever be needed.  He held so much power that Akhenaten soon decreed that he was the ONLY true God and forced a monotheistic belief upon the people of Egypt.  Then, he moved the capital city from Thebes to new city called Akhetaten.

Bore to long, the new Pharaoh abandoned all other temples and built himself one grand temple in the new capital city.  In this new temple, Aten was worshipped day and night.  Priests and suppliers of sacrifice brought Aten sacrifices around the clock and Aten spread his magic and enlightenment through the newly transformed country.  Unfortunately, it didn't last super long, because after the reign of Akhenaten, the new religion fell too.  It's okay though, because just because people don't realize how powerful a being is, doesn't mean that the entity just stops being powerful.  He was just put on the back burner, except for that Cult of Aten he moved to the deserts of Egypt to continue his veneration. 

The Cult of Aten exists even until today, as the magic of the Sun God will not die out.  He is the chief star of our universe and outshines them all-- at least immediately.  We actually got this pendulum from a High Priest in the Cult of Aten.  It has been fortified in the Temple of Sun and holds all of the energy of Aten and all of his knowledge that I described before.  He is like the all seeing eye, or the capstone of the pyramids.  His energy is knowledge of all things and this is the concept that this item embraces.  This pendulum piece exhibits the powers of Aten in that when you ask it a question, it is like you are asking a question directly to Aten.  You can use this piece in conjunction with a spirit board.  When you ask a question, you will feel like you are being pulled to one letter or another.  Write down all the letters in succession until the energy is done pulling you in a direction.  You can also simply ask the piece to circle around the letter it wants you choose by guiding your hand while you hold the pendulum over the spirit board.  In addition you can ask the piece to show you yes or no (ie clockwise, counter clockwise, back or forth, or side to side) and ask it a series of yes or not questions to get the answers you want. 

There isn't a question that this piece will not have the answer for.  You can use this piece to find the secrets to other types of magic.  You can use it find it to find wealth.  You can use it to communicate with a dead relative through Aten, who can see into all realms.  You can use it to ask general knowledge questions, or questions about time and time travel.  You could even ask it the meaning of life if you really wanted to, just make sure you are prepared for the answer!  Like I said, there is literally nothing this piece doesn't know the answer to! 

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