It is written in the Bible that there are angels, called Thrones.  The sole responsibility of these types of angels is to sing praises to God, day and night.  This is what they do.  The thing is, the songs that they sing aren't simple praises.  Rather, the praises they sing are embedded with the secret history of the world and the annals of time that God has seen through his eyes.  They sing of the creation, but they also sing of the powers that were given to God to be able to spark creation.  They sing on this power, only to preserve the power and its holiness in the Kingdom of God and Heaven.  It would be a phenomenal thing to be able to hear the songs that are sung unto the Lord via the knowledge of the Thrones.  Now you can.  This piece will give you auditory psychic powers, so that when you wear them you will be able to hear the praises that are being sung by the Thrones to the Lord.  This will pretty much give you all the secrets of God, including the creation, the magic he uses and the power and energy that he has distributed here in free form on the Earth.  For instance, when I used this piece, I learned how to make two of my own personal, custom forms of magic.  I also was able to hear (and visualize) the time when Delilah cut all of Samson's hair off to eliminate his strength.  This piece is the real deal! Don't miss out. 

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