This piece was collected from the room of a patient at State Lunatic Asylum # 2 in St. Joseph, Missouri. This institution was a mental health hospital where a variety of devices and techniques were used to extract "normal" behavior from those who were sought incapable of providing such.

Rumored to tell stories that she had a witch in her heart, this patient clutched this pin that has 10 clear stones surrounded by a pearlized heart with fiery orange hues. The staff thought that their patient was of course insane and that she was just telling stories. We researched this piece and found that the patient’s grandmother gave her the pin which had been handed down over the centuries from a family member noted to be a "spell caster".

The center heart showcases the fiery blazes of the Salem Witch Trials. And the witch inside the piece is ready to give power to seek revenge for all those who were unjustly murdered. Out mental patient was not crazy, just sharing insight that most people refuse to believe.

If you are ready to be visited by a witch and aren't afraid to feel the intensity and powers from the spirit world, then this is a piece you must have in your collection. This piece will bring out the spirits for clear communication,spell casting focused on you and the abilities of a witch.

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