This weekend while resting in a deep sleep, I awoke to someone calling my name loudly and clearly with a sense of emergency. <br /><br />

They called my first name once: "Jason!" The voice sounded familiar to me, like the voice of my sister. She was due any day to have a baby and I thought it was her outside waking me up to go to the hospital with her. Had I been fully awake, I would have dismissed this possibility; she always calls me "JP", a nickname from childhood.<br /><br />

Thinking that I had to get to the back door in a hurry, I threw the covers off and rolled over to get out of bed. Before I got up, I quickly glanced down to see what I had on. Sometimes I just slept in a T-shirt and underwear, and I didn't want to run to answer the door if that was all that I had on tonight. Seeing that I had a pair of shorts on with my shirt, I jumped up and started running through the house toward the back door where my name had been called out just minutes ago.<br /><br />

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, I called out, "Just a minute. Just a minute, I'm coming." At that moment, I reached the back door to find that the porch light was on. Looking through the large pane window in the door, I could see that no one was outside. I was glad that I had a habit of leaving the porch light on. Living by myself in a large, old-frame farmhouse way out in the country, the light gave me a sense of security. I was puzzled that no one was at the door. <br /><br />

I stood still for a moment, listening for my name to be called out again. Peering through the door window to my left, I could see my car parked by the porch. Everything seemed eerily quiet. Dead leaves were being blown around on the ground by the autumn wind. I waited and listened some more, but still nothing.<br /><br />

A sense of bewilderment came over me as I stood there. I reached out for the dead bolt to unlock the door. I was going to open the door, stick out my head and call out that I was at the back door. But as my hand rested on the dead bolt, I received a warning telling me not to open the door.<br /><br />

It's hard to explain the warning; it was like instant knowledge being perceived through my senses. I looked back out into the night, wondering what was going on. Turning around, I walked back into my bedroom to look out the window view of the front of the house, thinking that perhaps someone was at the front of the house. <br /><br />

Wondering what time it was, I looked at the clock sitting on my dresser by the window. It read 2:15 a.m. I had been sleeping for several hours before I was awakened by someone calling out my name. I pulled open the drapes, but didn't see a car in the driveway or see anyone walking around outside. I decided that if I tried to figure out what had just happened, I would be up all night and still might not figure out what had transpired, so I decided that the best thing for me to do was to just go back to bed.<br /><br />

I closed the drapes, walked back to my bed and climbed in. I laid there for a few minutes trying to adjust myself into a comfortable position. Pulling the covers up to my neck, I rolled over onto my left side, letting my thoughts drift, when a loud noise coming from outside the house startled me. I lay very still, listening. My mind was racing trying to identify what the noise was when a great sense of fear overcame me. I realized that the noise was coming from spirits from the dark side - evil ones.<br /><br />

I had been having problems with evil spirits coming into the house since I had moved in almost a year ago. Every night I prayed for God to send angles to watch over me to protect me from them. Since the number of times that they came around had increased lately, just a few days ago I had called on a very spiritual man that  Deedee recommended to come over to give my house a blessing. <br /><br />

He brought someone with him and they had anointed my head with oil and administered a blessing to me and the house. He went to God in prayer, asking that he pour out mercy and compassion on me in my time of trouble with the evil spirits, asking that he shield the house with guardian angels to keep the evil ones out and ask that only his spirits of light be permitted to enter.<br /><br />

I suppose this is what the evil spirits were so upset about, and I realized that I had been awakened to my name being called out by someone watching over me, and they had given me the warning not to open the door. The evil ones were not able to come into the house because of the blessing, and even though I knew this, I was still frightened from all the screeching and moaning coming from outside. They were banging on the walls and windows. I had never experienced so many of them at once. It sounded like they were all around my house. I wished now that I had left some lights on in the house. The only light on was the porch light and that was at the back of the house.<br /><br />

I started praying to God to please make them go away, and as I was praying, a feeling came over me that something was in the room with me...all of a sudden there was a flash of light and an angel appeared in the corner of my bedroom. <br /><br />

She was glistening with enchanted light and my whole body started to feel warm inside.<br /><br />

The angel wouldn't move from the corner, so I went closer to her. She moved up off the floor, but stayed in the same location...it was as if she was trying to show me something.<br /><br />

In that corner there was a small bureau that was built into the wall, it came with the place; it also was standing out, as if it were significant.<br /><br />

There was a pull towards this piece --- it intrigued me and so I opened the drawer in the bureau. When I moved in I stored my winter hats and scarves in there, so I rarely go in the bureau.<br /><br />

The energies got stronger once the door was opened. I started taking out all my winter accessories and in the top back corner, where the piece is built into the wall, I saw a small beam of light.<br /><br />

I placed my finger over the light and got a small shock ... I was in awe of what was happening. The angel moved closer to me, and I realized there was something I was supposed to see --- the small hole where the light was shining through opened up and I found a small, broken geode. <br /><br />

Inside the geode was this amazing piece. The energies in it hold an enlightened endowment of pure divine blessings. This was hidden in my home and it brought the evil spirits close as they wanted to destroy this ultimate piece of blessings.<br /><br />

I learned that my home belonged to a Priest back in the early 1900's and this was his prayer module that he used during convictions of death. The implications of powers that those he went to bless on their deathbeds were pulled into this piece. <br /><br />

This holds pure residual energies and power. I am making it available, because since I took it out of my home, the other entities have left. <br /><br />

You will be filled with psionic detection, power manipulation, force field visions, radar sense, martial supremacy, electrical generation and kinetic control. These are connected forces that merge when your soul leaves your body --- and you will have endless opportunities to generate potential amazing power and advancement with this piece in your possession!<br /><br />

The piece will also be blessed with a sanctity prayer that should keep the piece undetectable in your home from unwanted entities ~<br /><br />

These tiny orbs of white light power are the ones that are going to super charge your soul.  The each contain a Power (the type of Angel from Heaven)  that will bring you a special gift and divination from god.  The Powers number 12, and represent the holiness of the number 12 and the 12 deciples.  The powers that these Powers (again, the Angel form from Heaven) are going to leave with you, depend on your level of spirituality and personal tribulations.  <br /><br />

This is a very, VERY powerful piece.  All of the testers say the same thing:  they couldn't believe how sharp and electrifying the white powers in this piece are!!  <br /><br />



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