In the Jewish religion, finding God is what you work to know, but who you never truly can imagine. One of the reasons is that there are 13 spheres to the Tree of Life, the topmost being Keter, or the Zohar, “the most hidden of all hidden things.” Man can simply not understand and encompass the entirety that is God. Should you like to become closer with your spiritual self, to God in whatever way that means to you, here is a piece that can connect you to the Heavenly Man. He is what is associated with Keter, as the only foreseeable way to put into words and picture what we imagine God to be. By holding this and praying or meditating, you will be transported to the closest possible astral plane to heaven, where the Heavenly Man supposedly shows every once in a while. You will get visions of spirits and angels who have been to heaven and can gather their insight. It’s the closest you can get to seeing heaven. When I tried it, I was shocked to speak with an angel, Darla, who told me heaven is too bright for mortal eyes, and that I shouldn’t even try to get too close to the upper edge of the astral plane I was in. She said that should the Heavenly Man show, that I shouldn’t be scared. This item is a must have!
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