The Heraeum Mystique

I have been working with the piece that is shown above for some time now. I have a cousin that studies abroad in Athens, so in the Fall of 2002, I decided to take a break from work and pay her a visit. I figured that it would turn out to be a pretty interesting trip, because my cousin, Mollie, was majoring in Greek mythology and I am a major fan. When I was finally preparing to leave, I had absolutely no idea what this trip would actually hold in store for me.

I arrived in Athens on October 2, merely two days after the Autumn Equinox, which is a grand event in Greece. The equinox marks the official beginning to Autumn and the autumn harvest time period. It is also the point in time which people, who choose to do so, celebrate and offer sacrifices to Hera, the Greek goddess of Love and Marriage. I know it sounds kind of lame, but just hear me out.

Being that my cousin was studying Greek mythology and I was an avid fan, we decided to go join in the celebration, if for no other reason, to spend time together, appreciate the culture and to get out and have some fun. We decided to visit the town of Athos, which has a large underground, cult following of the Greek goddess Hera. It is appropriate that Hera would have such following in this city, as the city is closely associated with Hera. In fact, the Heraeum Temple, the first sanctuary to be dedicated to Hera, was built in this ancient Greek city that flourished in ancient times.

So, like I mentioned before, we visited Athos, and took part in the festivities. During our festivities we gained acquaintance to an older lady, that was quite avid in her celebrations and worship. The lady was quite decorated, donning apparel that almost seemed to be as old as Hera herself. We imagined that this must be a customary part of the festival-- you know, dress the part, maybe sort of like Halloween.

However, in between festivities we had a chance to speak with the lady, whose name is Agatha. She was very avid in her beliefs and sensed a deep intrigue by both my cousin and I. So, after an involved conversation with Agatha, she invited us to visit a shrine with her-- a shrine that she claimed possessed the very spirit of Hera herself. You see, she was part of a fraternity as ancient as Hera herself... a fraternity of men and women devoted to Hera, that uplift her spirit and encompass her powers and attributes. The shrine was fancy, but the souvenir she gifted us was fancier... oh and by the way, she claimed that it held the very spirit of Hera, goddess of the Greeks, thus, encompassing all of her grandeur and mystifying abilities.

I figured that Agatha and her clan were blowing a whole lot of hot air around, so after visiting with my cousin, I took the piece home and began running tests on it. Recently, after years of being in contact with Agatha and gaining wisdom and insight, I was finally able to release the secrets hidden in this piece. Now, I am going to share the piece with whomever would like to acquire the following attributes.

First and foremost, you will inherit Hera's magical abilities. Being the consort of Zeus, Hera was the queen of Olympia. She can speak life and spirit forms into creation. She is a mighty goddess of marriage. Thus, Hera is able to bind spirits together to create powerful masses of spiritual ability. On the flip side, she can also annul any union of powers or vanquish the powers of any adversary. She is a bedazzling seductress, able to charm and lure any being with time-enduring beauty. When you receive this piece, which embodies the very spirit of Hera herself, she can and WILL relinquish her powers unto you. You see, Hera wants her divine legacy to live on-- as the greatest, most famous Greek goddess that ever existed. The question is, are you up for the challenge?
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