Meet Sally Slinky the bigger cat with pink ears. Valentino,the red kitty and Goldie Locks the golden Persian. I'm sure you have heard of Familiars who do your bidding but most are based in the dark arts. These little gems are not. All of these kitties are clearly indebted to you and want to be around,help and give you gains in anyway that they can.


The personalities are pretty much the same and only the names are differnt. You NEED to know that these are white light Familiars and not dark or dual. I know some of you like the dark stuff so if you want one then just send me off an email and I will get one ready.


You may change the names of your kitties but they do know their name already and answer to it super fast!


What can they do?

You may send them out on missions just as you would any other Familiar,ask them for things,have them create a situation,send out luck and so on. They accomplish so get yours now, You will get one of the thre shown.


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