Heroditus and the Valley of Voe

I obtained this piece, while having a rendezvous with a much-loved friend from Russia. He is from a secret society of Russian occultists who investigate everything paranormal. During my stay, he presented me with this piece, that he claimed was bizarre and gave him the ability to travel to a different dimension, where nothing but wilderness seemed to exist. Thinking that the piece was kind of pointless to own, if there wasn’t really anything to be revealed. He gave the piece to me so that I could bring it home and run further investigations. He informed me that once in the possession of the piece, I must clutch it in my right hand, close my eyes, spin in three full 360 degrees circle (no more, no less), and then open my eyes. When I open my eyes, I will encounter the wilderness of a new dimension. With the assistance of one of our team members who has the ability to travel to and create magical places and realms, I was able to arrive safely to my destination.

When I got home, I decided to run some tests on the piece and did as he instructed me. I got it on my second try, and found myself on an astral plane that was similar to ours, but definitely had the air of being slightly different. In the distance I spotted a mountain that resembled a pyramid. I was a the foot of the mountain, in a very fertile valley. It was shaped similar to the bowl of a giant cup, sporting green meadows, colorful orchard, squat trees bearing a strange fruit, and very clean, crystal-clear, babbling creeks. An inviting place indeed, the air was crisp, refreshing, and filled with the sweet aroma of the surrounding environment.

This place seemed to be void of human life form… or any life form for that matter. I explored the valley for a good period of time, after which I was feeling famished and weakened. Desperate for anything to fill my empty stomach, I indulged in the ripe, plump, juicy, colorful fruit of the squat trees that littered the valley. Much to my gratification, the fruit was the sweetest, most delicious I’ve ever tasted. After I was done eating my meal of other-dimensional produce, I leaned forward, cupped my hands and began to lap up water from a large, radiating stream that cut the valley in two. As soon as the water touched my lips I felt a feeling of refreshment-- a type of rejuvenation that is indescribable, as if my spiritual existence was being mended. I felt focused and sense of heightened spiritual awareness.

That’s when I noticed the bird, perched upon a tree, scouring the ground for food to feed its youngsters. A bird that, before I ate of this fruit and drank of this water, was merely a though-- completely shielded and invisible to my knowledge. What I saw next took me by even more surprise. A humanesque being was in front of me, not more than ten feet, walking-- or perhaps floating, I wasn’t sure-- on the water. The being approached me, not speaking, rather communicating with my mind telepathically. The being, quit obviously a female, was named Heroditus. She was a pale color, surrounded by an purplish-blue aura. I must have seemed confused because she smiled warmly and informed me that I had traveled across the dimensional realm to the Valley of Voe.

The reason I wasn’t able to realize the presence of the other beings, until now, was because I had eaten the magical dama fruit and drank from the mystical Voen Pass. I was now invisible to other-worldly visitors, as she had been to me. She reached on to the bank of what I now could confidently identify as the Voen Pass. She plucked up a greenish looking plant, instructed me to lift my legs into the air, at which point, she rubbed the plant on the bottom of my sneakers. Pointing into the meadow behind me, she instructed me to come to her. Looking at her as if she was crazy, I held my position, informing her that I didn’t hold the ability of walking on water. Just then I heard growling from behind me, whirled around, and to my horror encountered a bear three times larger than the largest bear of the human realm. Heroditus informed me to hurry, and in act of faith I followed her and, to my amazement, was also walking on the water. She explained that the power came from the mystical Voen Root, which when rubbed on the sole of a sneaker or foot, allows you to walk on water. It is their only defense against he huge bears, as the creatures of their realm are not permitted to tread the mystical streams.

It must’ve showed that I was overcome with this new ability, because she asked for an explanation of why I was in her realm. I told her that I was interest in all things magical and otherwise paranormal in our realm. She nodded, an expression of excitement lighting up her bluish-grey eyes. She instructed me to follow her to a place know as the East Woods. The woods are enchanted with the spirit of the great warrior Overman-Anu, whose ash was spread here after his cremation. As the story goes, Overman-Anu was a great Voen warrior and grand protector of the Valley of Voe. When the Voen people were invaded and overcome by an army of Gargoyles, Overman-Anu, boasting extreme strength, agility and speed, defeated the entire army by himself, attaining all the powers of the Gargoyles. However, before he could leave the East Woods, he was tricked by a pack of the valley’s monstrous bears, and they had him for lunch. His spirit is now said to inhabit the East Woods, enchanting them with the powers of the Gargoyles as well as his own.

With the help of Heroditus I was able to capture the powers of the enchanted East Woods and channel them into this piece. I was also to channel the powers of the magical dama fruit, the Voen Pass, and the Voen Root. I then returned to our realm by turning three opposite 360 degrees circle. This piece will give you the ability to travel between our dimension and the Valley of Voe.

If you possess this piece you will be given an array of powers First and foremost, you will be given the strength, speed, and agility of Overman-Anu-- greater than ten humans. You will also possess the ability of the Gargoyles, being given wings, the ability to fly, and animalistic night vision. The powers of the Voen Pass will give you complete spiritual reparation. You will be spiritually restored and rejuvenated.. You will be given the ability to communicate with others telepathically; you will be able to read others’ minds, unlocking the deepest, darkest secrets of those around you. The powers of the Voen Root will allow you to defy the elements from our realm, most notably allowing you to walk on water and defy gravity by levitating. Lastly, the power of the dama fruit has reverse characteristics in our realm, giving you the ability to notice beings from other realms when they are passing through ours. An example of this would be the ability to distinguish vampires, werewolves, demons, angels, and other dimensional travelers for what they are as well as the unmasking of other types of inter-dimensional travelers you would not have otherwise noticed at all.

This is a great deal --- it is a mans ring, size 11, it is a bold piece with assertive powers. You will gain the stated abilities after bonding with the ring. This piece holds movable rope braids around the outside showcased in yellow, rose and white gold tones.

These rope braids move circularly and help assist in the degree moves when transporting to and from other realms.

Tested thoroughly with awesome results!

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