At the end of the 14th century a secret mission of the Templars set out for Rhode Island in the USA. After they left Giovanni Da Verrazano was sent by the King of France to locate them. He stayed the entire time in Newport Harbor, Rhode Island where he found a tower built to the exact specs of the Templars.

This tower was a sacred place and built to represent eternal life,magic and power. It was said that the Virgin Mary would visit there but to them she was nothing but a woman. Even still great power was given to them even I don't know why.

What your looking at are a bunch of antique pins that create a map to a great treasure. It is a hunt and it is hard but along the way Templars come to you to guide you. Even if you can not travel in the magic they picked up things that can appear to you. The past can be delivered to your door. Toynbee was also part of the maps and for the longest time these were pulled out of the Toynbee coverings. This is one of a kind and could help solve a great mystery.

These plantings have showed up all over the world but originated in Philly and one at the tower location. It is strange but what lies ahead? Gold? Ancient treasure? And don't forget the great visitations and power.

Your getting five pieces and each ones does and send you somewhere different. One shows a great sorcerer and another holds a griffin of wealth,one shows the travel and so on. These must be kept together.
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