We have an unlimited number of these items.  These three identical bracelets that you see on the listing are the first ones we made, but if need be we can make more.  The power in the item comes from an underground artwork trade that we acquired via somebody that we have working for us in Dubai.  The underground trade, which is basically the black market for those items that hold some type of magical significance, is hosted in Dubai after the commencement of Autumn each year.  Sometimes we get pieces from these meetings and other times we get artworks like this tapestry.  

The tapestry we received in a bidding is the seventh tapestry in a collection of tapestries that was originally believed to only have six.  The seven tapestries depict the hunt of a Unicorn and aside from the one that we acquired they are on display at the Musee de Cluny in Paris.  Despite being made in the 15th or 16th Century, not a single mention of the tapestry was made until their rediscovery in 1814.  Even then no one took particular notice to them until around 1841 when they were rescued from their hiding spot in Chateau de Boussac.  

Had it not been for the magical element that goes along with these tapestries they probably would have never been discovered, but a group of mystics found the tapestries and in an effort to preserve the magic within turned them over to the museum, who in the world of the underground is notorious for being run by a group of sorcerers whose sole delight is collecting magic artworks such as this one.  I mean, I'm guess that the mystics that turned them in were paid a pretty price for them, but I don't know, and it really is irrelevant.  

Oh the tapestry that we have is depicted a young maiden.  She is feeding a unicorn and on one side of her is a lion.  There are also other animals in the scene and even another young lady.  I'm not sure who made this tapestry in the first place, but the fact of the matter is that is had to be someone who understands magic a great bit in order to be able to put the magic that is present in this piece into this piece.  Using our summoning powers that we got from another piece that I'm not listing at this current time, we were able to pull the magic out of the tapestry and into the piece that we are now offering. Remember, we can make multiples of these as the magic in the tapestry will never deplete. 

The maiden in the in the picture represent aristocracy.  In this case, it is the Illuminati.  The lion represents that even the nobility of the world bows to her and the unicorn represents that all the wealth that is controlled by the nobility is ultimately controlled by the maiden, who is the Illuminati.  This representation holds true even to this day as a secret society of the elite controls the government and is ultimately collecting all the wealth that the capitalist world generates.  With that being said, this tapestry was made in such a way that it holds the wealth of the Illuminati, as they even ruled the world in those ancient times.  The power that we have managed to pull from the the item is extreme Illuminati wealth and is the same power that they use to obtain their wealth til this day.  I guess you don't always have to teach an old dog new tricks when the old tricks work just fine.  

This piece exhibits all the power of the tapestry and extreme Illuminati wealth.  The powers in this piece will search across multiple levels and plains of existence to search and seize all wealth powers and bring the to you.  Once you have been anointed with these powers, your wealth level, including your cash flow, will begin to exponentially increase.  You can use this piece also in games of chance such as lottery or gambling.  You can use it for promotions at work and for anything that is generally going to increase your wealth. 

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