Hidden Notes of Power<br /><br />

In the Middle Ages there was a Pope Joan, a woman who hid her gender and rose through the ranks of the church, became a cardinal, and was elected pope!<br /><br />

Nobody was aware that she was a woman until, during a papal procession through the streets of Rome, she went into labor and gave birth to a child. She and the baby were killed on the spot by a mob, they were enraged at her imposture.<br /><br />

This has been kept a very hidden secret as to not bring variant dismay upon the church.<br /><br />

One of our investigators met a family member who was related to Pope Joan. Her family were the only who were aware of her secret. She is an iconic woman of showing power, strength and integrity to showcase that you can accomplish anything, no matter your sex, crede, religion or orientation.  <br /><br />

This took decades to finally surface and be accepted... that women can even be considered on the same level as men --- Pope Joan is owed the tribute of starting this possibility. <br /><br />

Her family kept her story being told to each generation with elements of her diary, and pieces that she held dear as memorabilia. <br /><br />

Dee came in contact with Elizabeth Sholley, who is the grandeur to the pieces of history. She was very proud to house her collection and loved to tell everyone about Pope Joan.<br /><br />

Dee discussed that bizarre things can happen to pinnacle items when tragedy and blessings occur. She encouraged Elizabeth to contact Deedee and she did. They had a meeting and when Deedee was able to see the pieces and the diary she was ecstatic as this was an illumination of complete wit, integrity and icon success!<br /><br />

One piece in particular was forceful and totally energized with intensity Elizabeth was impressed with the reactions that we had when testing the items, and the piece we really felt power from she allowed us to have.<br /><br />

The pieces were more of a momentum to her, rather than an aspect of magic -- so she wanted to allow someone who is familiar with occult abilities to be enriched by the piece.<br /><br />

Pope Joan's integrity and thoughts of prevailing far exceeded her time. She was able to showcase that her abilities were superior regardless of the judging of her gender. She was killed in vain, and her collection of items housed her energies of resurrection to bless others with her strengths and abilities. <br /><br />

By owning this item your body will be filled with an innovation of power that will integrate within your mind allowing you to prosper and become an exlusive carrier of technical ability. This strength can be used to fulfil desires by advancing your brain waves and allowing your mind to develop new concepts and ideas to proclaim the dreams that you feel are impossible to reach!<br /><br />

Nothing is impossible, it is the fact that many people give up because they battle within their minds and will not allow themselves to realize the potential of ideas on how to move forward and change the outcome of their current position. This empowered piece will bring forth the energy of Pope Joan and will naturally bond and enhance your moral to achieve endless potential so now blockades can stop you from doing whatever you want!<br /><br />

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