Between 1880 and 1925, a man named James Gregory operated the only dry goods store south of Hickory Hill Church in central Illinois.<br /><br />

Over the years, he became wealthy supplying local farmers with all their equipment, feed, and other supplies, but like many rural residents in the late 19th Century, James did not trust banks. <br /><br />

He apparently did not trust his own wife either, because she had no knowledge of where he hid his money.<br /><br />

Neighbors, however, sometimes observed that he would duck out to a pasture behind his home whenever he needed to stock up on additional inventory. <br /><br />

In 1925, he suffered a stroke and died. His wife searched for her inheritance in vain, and there are believed to be several thousand dollars still hidden somewhere on his former property.<br /><br />

During an investigation we were called to do, we located this piece and it is linked with the spirit of Gregory who is noted to bless the adroner of this piece with money. Since his money has yet to be discovered, he likes to attribute and share his wealth through astral interjections that bring forth his former wealth to the physical life of who he wishes to enchant.<br /><br />

This piece will summon James into your life and he will bless you with the money you have been looking for~!<br /><br />

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