Hitch-hiker of Mesmerizing Retreat-<br /><br />

This piece is one that I picked up while on a trip to New Mexico.  A little while back, my best friend convinced me to take a trip to New Mexico with her.  Little did I know that she was staging a massive attempt to try and get me to move to New Mexico with her.  Let’s just say that she failed miserably, and I’m still in Pennsylvania. <br /><br />

My trip to New Mexico didn’t prove fruitless, as I was able to see the beautiful mountain scenery.  One night, while we were driving back from a hiking excursion in the Jemez mountains, I pulled over because I thought I saw a random fire by the side of the road.  When I turned around to check it out, I didn’t find a fire, instead I encountered a woman dressed in vibrant, elaborately woven cloth.  She had a very dark complexion and must have been of Native descent.  She spoke broken English, but was nonetheless able to ask me for a ride into town.  I took her as far as two miles outside of the town limits, where she randomly asked me to pull over and let her out. <br /><br />

When she stepped out of my car, there was a bright display of flames and smoke and she vanished!  I called the local fire marshals and law enforcement, but they couldn’t find an indication or remnant necessary to confirm that there was once a person, or even that of the fire and smoke.  A local (more like a nosey) who was eavesdropping on the investigation pulled me aside and explained to me that I most likely had been visited by a Mexican Bruja.  I got into my car a pulled away.  About ten minutes later, my friend pointed to the back seat.  In the spot where the woman had been sitting was a memento to her visit, lone and distant just as she had been.  I took the piece back to HQ in Pennsylvania where I was able to determine that the piece actually did hold the powers of the Mexican Bruja, which, by the way, is the equivalent to a witch.  With this piece you will stay young and beautiful forever.  <br /><br />

You will have the ability to cast spells, mix elixirs, shape shift into animals, etc.  One distinction exhibited by the Bruja that isn’t typically held by other withes is their ability to control fire.  They even have the ability to shape shift into fire.  You will receive the power of the real Mexican Bruja accordingly; have fun obtaining her mysterious abilities!<br /><br />

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