Fourth Reich Rising The fact of the matter is that the government never tells the truth. If you didn't know this by now, then perhaps you should just keep on living in your state of bliss. However, if you know what I mean, keep reading. Okay, you can keep reading either way... but be warned this piece sheds light on some very dark, sinister things. As you all know, I am currently residing in Pennsylvania. (This is Steve by the way.) I wasn't born here, but I've lived here my entire life. I'm hoping I don't die here. Either way, my point is that when something happens in Pennsylvania people tend to know about about. Especially in the region I am from. Recently, I caught wind of a rumor that the XXXXXX Auto Auction had somehow gotten their hands on a very prized piece of inventory. A car that belonged to the leader of the Third Reich. Yes, I'm talking about the one... Adolf Hitler, himself. I know people; so I did a little bit of digging. My evidence proves that the car not only belonged to Hitler, but it was the car that carried him to the bunker where he finally died as the Allied Forces moved in on him. Somehow, this automobile landed in Pennsylvania? I don't know how. I don't care how. I don't even know what kind of car it was. It was an older one. Cars aren't my forte. What I do care about is the secret chamber that I discovered under the seat. How did I get so close to the car... and ALONE at that? Well, it seems the Germans want this car badly. When imminent domain didn't hold up in international affairs, they offered to pay upwards of $1 Million for the car. I mean, I know it belonged to Hitler and all, but what was up with this car? You know me. Well, actually you probably don't... but if you did, you would now that I stop at nothing to get what I want. Dressing in the guise of an auctioneer and appraiser, I was able to get some alone time with the car-- and it STANK of paranormal activity. Okay, I'm not saying this car was "Christine" or anything, but you could definitely tell that there was something about it. During my investigation of the car, I discovered a hidden compartment below the driver's side seat. Nobody would have ever known it was there, and if they had they couldn't have opened it anyway. I made a psychic connection with one of the spirits that attached themselves to the car to figure out exactly to gain access to the mini-vault. I opened it up and among other Nazi-era items, SS insignia and photographs of Hitler and his many whores, was this piece. Immediately upon discovering the piece, I knew that there was just something about this piece. It immediately sent shivers up my spine with an electric spark so intense that New York City never would have had to worry about a black out ever again. In an instant, I saw the whole of World War II flash in front of me through the eyes of young Nazi Soldier. He wasn't just any soldier though, he was a high ranking official of the "SS", one from the Wewelsburg Castle. Now for those of you who don't know, and haven't gotten my briefings on the Wewelsburg Castle before, this is the place where the Nazi's practiced all kinds of forbidden magic; atrocities so harsh that I dare not speak of them because I just ate my lunch. These merciless experiments went on at the expense of Jewish life, after which the Jews were exterminated... and, well... you know the rest. This piece is very crucial to the understanding of the New World Order. Their holdings are strong in Europe, specifically Germany, where they want to establish a one world government known as the Fourth Reich. They have already begun to infringe upon person liberties of others and have a huge hand in current worldwide crises including Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russian, the European Union, and yes... even the United States. They are fully determined that the use of magic that Hitler developed will propel them to diplomatic excellency and they will finally carry out Hitler's wishes... to rule the world. The magic that they have, that they are using, is the same magic that is in this piece. In fact, this is the original, straight from the Wewelsburg Castle where Hitler and Himmler conducted paranormal and supernatural experiments. The energies in this piece include controlling atomic dark matter, controlling the time/space continuum, controlling others' minds to manipulate them and make them do want you want them to do (which is how Hitler established his army). It also includes powers that allow you to create and dismantle matter, to open doors to other portals of existence, to communicate with extraterrestrial beings (who originally gifted Hitler over $4 Billion dollars worth of inventory, which back then was worth even more than today!!). This piece includes the powers to subvert reality and to create your own reality as you see fit, which others will exist it and experience. This piece holds dual magic, which will allow you to know and practice all forms of magic from dark to white and everything in between. It consults angels and defeats devils. It creates and destroys. It will allow you to create and subdivision class of energy or magic that you wish. Believe me it's no joke. This piece is the ultimate take-over-the-world piece. It was supposed to be the power of a Third Reich heir, used to start the Fourth Reich and the supreme control off all mankind. However, we will be monitoring this piece and only selling it somebody we trust to be responsible with the powers and energy. One more things, this thing has a mind of its own. It can never over take you, because it wasn't designed that way. My point in saying this is that if you are fascinated or fixated on this item, its probably telling you that you are a fitted heir who can handle all that this item has to offer!! Don't deny your destiny! STEVE HAS PLACED THE NAME OF THE AUTO AUCTION IN THE LISTING AND I HAD TO REMOVE IT. I CAN'T SITE IT ON THIS WEBSITE,HOWEVER IF YOU FIGURE IT OUT YOURSELF THROUGH RESEARCH THEN FEEL FREE TO CALL THEM. THIS HAS NOT MADE THE NEWS AND MOST LIKELY WON'T. WHAT WE FIND TO BE A DISGRACE IS THAT IN NEW JERSEY ( I BELIEVE) A MAN THAT WAS IN THE CONCENTRATION CAMPS KEPT WITH HIM A SMALL PIECE OF GOLD THAT THE NAZI'S SAY BELONG TO THEM,NOW THE GERMAN GOVERNMENT. THE GERMAN GOVERNMENT TOOK THE FAMILY TO COURT AFTER HE DIED AND SUED TO GET IT BACK AND THEY WON. I FEEL IT IS DISGUSTING THAT OUT GOVERNMENT WOULD EVEN ALLOW THE GERMANS TO TAKE IT BACK. WE HAVE MORE THEN THIS ONE PIECE AND I CAN TELL YOU ONE THING,HITLER DID NOT DIE IN THAT BUNKER!!! THIS PIECE I BELIEVE HAS THE ABILITY TO GRANT IMMORTALITY. I KNOW AS A FACT IT ALLOW YOU TO TRAVEL TO OTHER TIMES AND ESCAPE THINGS. SO HOW DID HITLERS CAR GET TO PA ANYWAY? DID HE HAVE TO ABANDON IT QUICKLY AND THAT CAUSED HIM TO LEAVE THESE ITEMS? I DON'T KNOW BUT I DO KNOW THAT THIS IS ONE POWERFUL ITEM.
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