Hollow Earth ATLANTEAN GODS OF OLD In recent years, a man from the New Jersey area of the United States has been promoting the concept of "The Hollow Earth Theory." This school of thought asserts that beneath the outer crust of the Earth, a hollow chamber exists and at the absolute center of the earth a second Sun exists to promote life within this immense chamber. The two largest access points to the interior space of the Earth are the Northern and Southern poles, but there are a select few secret entrances around the globe.

One of these entrances, as revealed by the main proponent of the theory, is located deep within a subterranean cave near central New Jersey. Our investigators were led to this location by this individual(whom I will not name) eventually landing upon a small shrine-like site where two large crystals were housed. Each of us was instructed to place our hands upon the crystals, only to vanish before the eyes of our companions. Feeling an intense rushing sensation after touching the crystals, we found ourselves on solid ground once again, only to notice the towering, rocky ceiling above our heads that stretched for countless miles.

After the initial disbelief faded, we followed our guide beyond this chamber toward a magnificent Romanesque building in the distance, the only man made structure that could be discerned from our surroundings. As we traveled through the immense pillars that decorated the exterior of the structure, our guide pointed out different hallways that lead to chambers where the "Gods of Old" were housed, as told by our guide. According to him, this area of the Hollow is where a number of fantastic creatures are held and maintained to be used in the future for the creation of new races or for their metaphysical power. Many of the magical beings that were thought to be fictitious, actually reside within this chamber of the Earth, and will occasionally venture into the realm of Man; explaining the sighting of such creatures. The entirety of the Atlantean race also resides here, practicing and perfecting their magic for the opportunity when their race may rise again.

According to our guide, mortal humans are only allowed a three hour journey beyond the border of Man and the Hollow, so we focused our inquiries to the court of Atlanians who were so pleased with our interest in their race that we were given a number of gifts to be taken back and used in our realm. Of these gifts, there is only one item that we are willing to part with, because of it's immense potential to benefit mankind.

This Atlantean item has been magicked to activate latent DNA in anyone who wears it. What this does is enliven the the dormant strands of our DNA to release the metaphysical abilities those strands hold. Everyone has psychic and metaphysical powers within themselves and like each of our personalities, those powers will vary from person to person. The only way to find out what powers you hold is to activate your latent DNA, which this item was created to do. This will give you not only the DNA supercharge but the power of the Atlanteans and the Gods of Old. The power of the Gods of Old is kept by the Atlanteans and now you can tap into it.

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