Contrary to popular Disney belief, dwarves were not the ones who mined for jewels and treasures. They were better with metals, while gnomes are the proper ones who lived underground and found unbelievable things. They are little tricksters, but one thing they never kid about is their treasure. They are very tiny and can usually be found in underground caves or quarries. To have a gnome’s powers means to be able to find money and other pricey things, and to draw things you’ve lost to you. Since the items you own are priceless to you, they will be pulled to you along with well needed monetary gain. When I held onto if for a few days, I happened upon a book I thought I’d lost a year ago! This piece was handled by a gnome, and in fact has a stone in it—which belonged to a gnome called Granite—that holds the gnomes’ powers, which just makes its powers stronger.The names of the gnomes in this piece now are Sylvanus,NINI,Giltier and Wes. This piece is sterling silver with real opals which hold the powers of wealth.
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