This piece contains magic from the Sorcerer's Stone.  It doesn't contain the actually existence of the stone, just the ability to create your own Homunculi.  The Homunculi look exactly like humans except they are not more than few inches tall.  They are incredibly wise, knowing all of the knowledge that there could ever be to known, knowing it before they are even born.   The Homunculi are known to share their knowledge with their creator, which in this case will be you.  

This piece gives you the alchemical magic to be able to create as many Homunculi as you like.  They are all made for different purposes and will bring you whatever esoteric knowledge and magic it is that you want to know.  You can design your own Homunculi with a specified area of magic, or ability, or whatever you want it to have. They will be born with all the knowledge of this area, which they will share with you because you are their master! 

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