HORNED GOD This piece is the emblem of male sexuality! It holds the Horned God, who is the enlightened symbol of male virility in witchcraft. The Horned God is the Greek god of Nature, also known as Pan. Pan presided over woods and forests and played his magical pipes -- he was part man, part goat, and fond of lechery. He was known for his frolicking with wood nymphs -- this is how the first sex nymphs were developed. The nature of Pans aggressive, progressing sex drive regulated intense furies of pleasure to the wood nymphs and he was able to have his way with all he came across. His energies were desirable and he made everyone around him become aroused just from his presence! The wood nymphs went crazy and the sexual escapades were incredible! This brought forth the aspect of "NYMPH"omaniacs, as they could not get enough of the Horned god~ His essence has been transfused into this item and his sexual allure and innovated drive for passion will be invoked within you! This is recommended for men, but ladies think about the overhaul you could have by giving it to your partner... it will benefit you as well~! Great sex will forever by yours! THIS RING IS A SIZE 7 AND CAN BE WORK AS A RING OR A PENDANT. IT'S NOT STERLING OR ANYTHING BUT THE POWER IN THIS PIECE IS INCREDIBLE!! HAPPY HUMPING!
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