The capital of Atlantis was called Cerne and like many other countries they had royalty. These were the Gadeiros who died in a cave called The Cave of Bats. They were arranged in a circle with 13 of them present. They lived by the number 12 which was a code that the Pythagoreans used as a cosmic power for those that could tap into it. When the war broke out, all was lost but a few who still remain today to pass on the DNA. The reason they arranged themselves in 13 is because it showed failure and chaos which the the number 13 represents.

This stone was found in the what is called The Cave of Bats. They speak through you, give you vision that is important for today and give you the lost power. It is said that the reason for the fall of Atlantis is because they walked like ravens that could not come clean. They needed to get rid of the few that stood in the way of peace but did not want to.

This WILL open the third eye and take you back to your first presence of DNA strain and all the power it holds. Most people interested in Atlantis are usually originally from there. If you hold this strain the opening of your eyes and mind can give a headache or cause a little pain. This won't last long.

These Atlanteans could control all physical things but not an entire country. The crystals that come from Atlantis make a Djinn look weak! The ability is just there, smacked into you and becomes part of you, never making you have to learn anything. Never having to do a ritual or give presents or offerings but to just be.

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