Are you noted as a prude? Maybe a tight ass? People think that you cannot have fun and unwind with the best of them? It is not that you are not a fun person, it is an internal kinetic force that bestows you to look at things differently, so it is hard to let your guard down and just let go.

This is the Jester piece -- it will embark a strong energy within the person this is given to and will erupt the explosion of fundamental ease. This allowing you to become more humorous and find things more entertaining. Do you often hear people talking about a show that they think was funny, and you just roll your eyes... what have you been missing? Understand the factors of comedy and humor in the realms of the Universe through the impediance of guilded majestic energy that will consume your mind!

This helps you let loose, put your guard down and be quirky and have fun! You know if you are a bit stuck up, so own it and get this to have a good time -- of course this is a great gift as well~!


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