Recently, I was at dinner with a guy that turned out to be a real a douche bag. It's alright, though, because the rest of the night was fantastic. I mean, it turned out to be one of the best nights of my life. About half way through my meal, I began to eye this server that had a striking a, appeal to me. I mean, he was sexy. So, next time he came by, I went out of my way to make conversation with him.

Aleksandr... that was his name. Aleks, for short, as he said he preferred to be called. When he spoke, he did so with a velvety voice and an accent that dark and mysterious... far from American. As it happens, Aleks was actually an exchange student from Romania. I say was, because it also happened, this was Aleks’ last night here, as he was returning to his family in Romania in morning. By this time, I was sick and tired of this date... and I fully intended to make Aleks’ last night in America as memorable as possible. This kind of thing normally goes against my rules of conduct, but rules are made to be broken and there are always exceptions. Besides, I met him in Applebee’s, so if he took me somewhere afterwards, that was technically the second date, right? Maybe I’m making a feeble attempt at rationalizing, but that is how it happened.

Anyway, before Aleks walked away from us, I made a joke about him being a vampire... I mean, obviously he knows that the whole region from which he comes from is the birth place for vampire lore. Aleks didn’t think the joke was very funny, and simply walked away. I got up and followed him, to apologize, of course, and discovered that Aleks wasn’t too upset, just intimidated by what I had said-- for reasons to be explained.

However, for now it would just be normal passes. Looking back at my table (the server had just brought the appetizers), Aleks informed me that he got off of work in about ten minutes, if I wanted to join him-- after my prior engagement. I laughed and told him to meet me in the back of the restaurant in about fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes later, I excused myself to use bathroom. When I did, I snuck out the side door, meeting Aleks in the spot that had been predetermined.

“What happened?” he asked in his mysterious voice.

“Nothing I said.... Shhhh, where’s your car? Hurry up...” I squelched, barely able to contain the laughter that raged deep within.

“Okay, okay,” he replied. We half walked, half crouched to his vehicle which happened to be a Infiniti G37 Coupe. I couldn’t help but think that I had scored-- big time.

“You, know... this was not necessary....” he laughed.

“But it was,” I returned, “Why are you working at Applebee’s again?” “Oh this... this is a gift from my father... my birthday.” he answered.

“Ah, nice,” I marveled.

“Haha, you know, just a little something to get me from point A to point B as one would say in America. So, what about your friend? “ He asked, glancing in the rearview mirror.

“Oh him?” I chuckled. I turned around in enough time to notice my would-have-been escort. “He drove, he’ll be alright.”

“Is this something you do often?” He inquired.

I looked over at him, getting lost in his eyes... “Only when I find a guy worth the adventure,” I dreamed out loud.

“Yeah? Alright then, we will stop by my place so I can get changed,” he said.

“Alright,” I agreed, “Whatever.” I was mesmerized by his blue eyes and inviting smile.

At this point, I remember thinking to myself that I was an idiot, because as he shifted his car into fifth gear, I smashed my head of the windshield, as a result of my half sideways positioning. Aleks giggled, but I felt like an idiot nonetheless.

When we arrived at Aleks’ place (actually he was staying in a suite at a Hilton, because he was leaving in the morning) he invited me in, made a margarita and served it to me in a crystal glass. He excused himself, went to change, and returned only half-dressed, asking me if I’d like to assist him in choosing an outfit. So, I got up to help him choose and outfit. Needless to say there wasn’t very much choosing involved.

I staggered into Aleks’ bedroom-- by this time I was feeling nice. I tripped and he caught me, at which point I had zero intentions of letting go him. We began kissing, and he slipped something into my hand. I had no idea what the hell it was, but he obviously wanted he to hold onto it even though I had intentions of holding onto something else-- so I kept it in my hand. The minute he handed me the “whatever” his kiss became electrifying, tingling my very spine, and igniting a desire deep within my body for more. The stroke of his fingers was a paintbrush on my canvas, and I deeply yearned for him to paint it with very vibrant colors.

And paint he did. In fact, I’ve never witness a painting so beautiful in my life. I could feel his hot breathe on my neck-- it smelled like pure desire. Our bodies fit together perfectly, seemingly uniting as one, until I erupted with the most sensual pleasure that I have ever experienced in my twenty some years of living. Every spot stimulated-- even the ones that I didn’t even know were there. What’s more is I could swear that the piece Aleks had previously slipped into my hand, seemed to emanate energy-- seemed to pulse pure sexuality through my veins, like a type of blood that I simply couldn’t live without.

When I awoke the next morning, Aleks-- my Aleksandr-- was gone. Oh well, I thought, it is what it is. I’m not so sure I’m ready for commitment, anyway. I looked over, and on the night table was a dozen of roses, with a note that said, “Sorry. Had to go.” Beside the flowers that he gave me was a velveteen bag that contained more pieces, identical to the ones he had given me the night before. I opened the bag just far enough to reach my hand in and touch the pieces.

Again, like before, I felt a strong sense of sexual arousal. A spark was ignited somewhere deep within my abdomen, and I could contain it. Suddenly, the bed and satin sheets that surrounded me became my sexual enclave. I longed to be touched, needed intimate bliss, needed it now, as if my life depended on it. I ran my cool finger down the side of thigh and went to town. Afterwards, I showered, dressed and left, with the bag of items, of course. This is a treasure Aleks had left behind, and I fully intended to use to full potential.

I took the items back to headquarters to test them, and this is what I found out. The piece that Aleks had put in my hand, and the pieces he had left-- for my entertainment-- were actually Comic G Spot Stimulators... and, oh baby, stimulate they did. Male or female, alone or with a partner, these pieces are designed to spark an internal orgasm that is the best you’ve ever experience!! Trust me!! The piece is actually a type of magic called the Hymn of the Pearl and comes from the depths of the oceans and is inhabited with all the mystique of the sexually devious water nymphs. When activated by the heat of the human body, it provides for an extrasensory sexual experience... and I mean extrasensory. The piece will also allow you to place an enchantment over that person which you wish to enchant the most, or whomever you feel like enchanting at that point in time. It will obviously work and you can take my word for it, too. I was put into the biggest stupor of my life I met Aleks, and I honestly thought that would be the last time I would ever see him.

However, I was wrong. I kept the piece he gave me. I am putting the others he gave me up for sale on our website, because I think everyone should be able experience their amazing powers. Anyway, I took my piece home with me. I was alright using it for a week, but after that I began having dreams. Well, I don’t know if dreams would necessarily be the right word to express what I was having, but that is what I will call it. I discovered that the dreams would only occur if I would wear the piece to bed, though. In this way, I was able to keep an established connection with Aleks, as I think I may have actually fallen in love with him on that first night-- you know, love at first sight!

I kept my piece, using it frequently, until he returned. Yes, that’s right... returned. It was an amazing night. It was approximately 11:30pm when someone rang my doorbell. When I opened it, it was Aleks. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and frantically searched my mind, telling it to wake up because I thought I was having another dream. But, he was really here, incarnate, not merely a dream. I threw my arms around his neck, overjoyed with what I was beholding. When I let him go, I walked in and he stood in the doorway.

“Aleks, what are you doing?” I demanded.

“Ummmm, I can’t come in, unless you invite me,” he said.

I rolled my eyes at him, assuming he was just being over chivalrous. “Oh master won’t you please enter my humble abode?? I would be ever so please!” I mocked. I guess I just didn’t understand at this point.

As I’m sure you could have figured out in your own mind, that was an amazing night, not because Aleks wanted it to be, because I wanted it to be. And what I want I get... Oh, how I got it. I got it over and over and over again, as this piece will measurably increase your stamina to lengths and endurances that you have never before experienced. After I was worn out and exhausted, we slept. When we woke up the following afternoon, I was informed by Aleks that we had somewhere to go. So, I got myself all fabulous. He took me to dinner the way a real man should take anybody to dinner.

Afterwards, he took me a club that seemed a tad bit to ravish for me. I normally don’t go to places like these, because, honestly I’m terrified of them. But, I was with him, thus a rave couldn’t seem more perfect, because he was there. Nothing was going to happen. So, we entreated to the rave. Thump thump thump. I mean, it was some serious shit. They were even passing around goblets of blush wine for free. Perhaps it was sangria. Nope. Of course, not.

When it was our turn with the wine goblet, I raised the glass to my lips and let out a shriek. Aleks hurriedly took the goblet and pressed his lips to mine. After this, he beckoned me to shush and follow him. I followed down a dimly lit passage to a chamber that resembled the inside of an ancient cathedral. I wanted answers, and I wanted them now.

“Aleks... Aleks... what the FUCK was that?” I demanded.

“What? You did not know?” he questioned. He seemed ashamed.

“Uuummm, know what, buddy? Why are your all your homies drinking blood out of wine glass? Do you belong to some kind of demon worshipping cult??” I retorted. Then, my world began to spin. I couldn’t believe it. I was excited and scared all in the same instance. “No freaking way! No freaking way... prove it!! Prove it, you bastard!! You fucking prove it!!”

“Calm down,” he pleaded, “You’re going to make a scene and then we’re both in trouble. Let’s get out of here.”

So, we left and went back to the same hotel room as before. Once we got there he insisted that I drink some of the blood from the rave club-- or whatever the place was. At first I was a little bit hesitant, but after a while, and after I calmed down a bit, he finally convinced me to receive the proof that I needed. I drank the blood. My image flashed with fanciful surroundings. My world danced, like the shadows cast by a lit flame, with colorful, vivid images. I would have sworn I was on ecstasy. My body was limber-- and it felt good.

I reached out for him, tripping over my own feet. He caught me half way to the floor, eerily reminiscent of the last time I found myself in his arms. This time he was dangling the piece he had given me from his mouth. When it hit my lips, sparks flew. We had a repeat of the orgasmic sex from the first time we ever met, only better, more intense, and much longer. It seems the longer one owns the pieces the better the experience he or she achieved.

The following morning he also gave me something else, as proof that he really was a vampire and not just playing with my head. He gave me a piece that will aide you ONLY if you are ALREADY A VAMPIRE. You see, there are so many mystical pieces for those who WANT to become vampires, and rarely pieces for those who already have the privilege, so he created this piece for himself. The piece actually embodies the powers of an ancient sorcerer of magic, Urbain Grandier. Burnt at the stake in 1634, compliments of a French witch hunt, Urbain was able to reinstate his own soul, resurrecting it as a vampire, unbeknownst to man (or anyone for that matter), until now. Aleksandr had obtained this power from him some time later in an encounter with Urbain, which was kept in strict secrets. The piece is also infused with a drop of the blood that I told you about a minute ago, and will allow you to enter a state of ecstasy better than any you’ve ever experienced before. It’s mucho fun!!

Moving on, this piece will assist you, pending that you are ALREADY a vampire. If you aren’t, don’t bother, because this particular piece will be purposeless for you. (PS, the sex pieces work for anyone, AMEN!!) This piece will launch and vampire into full swing and rebirth. If you’re not so powerful or if you thought you were powerful before, you are sill in for a huge treat. This power will help you solve your vampire identity, as you will now exhibit the power to create and name your own abilities and luminous abilities. You will no longer dwell in the shadows, waiting for someone to come your way and pity you. You will be able to invoke your luminous being with as many and whatever power investments as you wish. Why do you think Aleks is such a good lay?? Because he has the ability that we, at Haunted Curiosities can now pass onto you. Just think of the possibilities. Remember this is for vampires only, or those who aspire to become vampires. WILL NOT WORK ON MORTALS.

As for Aleks?? Well, like I told you, I’m simply not ready for commitment. I guess you can call me Taio Cruz, because I did a pretty good job of breaking his heart, after which he moved back Romania, for good. I haven’t heard from him since. Maybe he figured out a way to develop a power that will help him cope with his misery. Silly boy.

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