The Hyrtl Skulls and the Power of A Thousand Souls

They say when in Rome, act as Romans do. This is why even though I don't live to far away from Philadelphia, I decided to take a day off and act like a tourists, taking in all the sights that I normally take for granted on a visit-to-visit basis in Philly. I couldn't have a picked a more perfect close-to-home place to explore, because Philly has a lot to offer in a variety of ways.

On this particular trip, I came across a museum that I would have otherwise looked over in my excursions to the City of Brotherly Love. I was driving around Center City, when I took a turn onto South 22nd Street, noticing a place that is called the Mutter Museum of Medical History. It is an extremely interesting place to visit. I might say that it is even enchanting. Less clairvoyant people wouldn't notice it, but there are a rare breed of powers that emanate from the medical oddities, anatomical and pathological specimens, original antique medical equipment and other exhibits that exist within the walls of the museum.

The museum itself is run by The College of Physicians of Philadelphia and is world renowned for the contents that be discovered in its various exhibits. It is open from 10AM-5PM daily for normal visitors. You see that's the thing, I'm not really that normal, so I decided that I was going to make my own hours... or at least try. There was an exhibit that I was sure, and now can confidently confirm, was just creeping and crawling with a multitude of paranormal powers.

Appropriately, the name of this particular exhibit is The Hyrtl Skull Collection. The collection is just that, a collection of skulls from around the world varying in different ethnicities, geographical locations, and time periods. Each one tells a different story of history-- and each one has a much different hidden ability that is naked to the untrained human consciousness.

Long story short, I was able to get into the museum after hours, probably not in a way that was consistent with the law. YOUR GETTING WAY TO MUCH LIKE ME STEVE. Nevertheless, I was in. I held a séance in the exhibit, simply to scope out what was there and how I could benefit from it. What I got was an overwhelming response that was so incredibly overactive that it crammed my ability to decipher what was going on for a good hour, until I was able to straighten things out. I'm a tough cookie and I'm pretty good at rolling with the punches.

Good thing I am, because if I wasn't, I would've missed out on this cornucopia of mysticism. During the séance, the power that is housed in this unique exhibit dropped itself on me, and I was able to deflect it into the several pieces you see here. The powers that these pieces hold are a little power that I like to call “the power of a thousand souls.”

With this power you will gain the ability to communicate with the dead. With this newly attained psychic ability, you will be able to communicate with such beings as angels, traveling spirits, lost souls, and demons. These are simply a sample of the beings on the astral plain. These pieces are gateway pieces, because they will lead you to other powers that you will obtain from the souls of those that wander the plains.

Additionally, this piece will give you the gift of tongues. You see, not every soul is the same and they don't all speak the same either. This piece will give you the gift of being able to communicate in the universal language of the dead, the one language that all souls are able to perceive. You will speak with authority and the spirits will obey your command.

You will receive one of the pieces that you see here. You do NOT want to miss out on this opportunity. It will lead you to many experience that will help you grow your abilities to beyond even the most paranormal means.

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