Hand of Alchemy: Aleister's Crowley's Climate Controller

It is well known that Aleister Crowley, despite his later-in life fascination with Satan and the dark arts, was one of the most powerful alchemists and sorcerers that the world has ever seen.  He mastered a long list of magics including the Egyptian and Orient art forms.  He then combined all of the magics in to one central craft and used it to make his own form of magic that he called... wait for it... magick.. you know, with a "K". 

During his studies, Aleister placed a heavy concentration on stellar energy and cosmological forces.  He did this because he fully understands that there are energies in everything-- both living and non-living, and that the greatest alchemy of all would be to master the alchemical energies that exist within everything-- the energies that work together and make our existence and universe work in step.  It is the reason why our Earth stays in balance and Jupiter will never collide Saturn.  The alchemy and magic that exists in the core of everything-- even our very own bodies-- communicates and keeps everything in check and balance. It's a marvelous thing. 

Well, need I say that Aleister Crowley is not God.  Only God really knows how to control everything, so Aleister did fail in this aspect.  Taking total control of existence is pretty much out.  However, Aleister came closer than anyone else ever has.  This item holds one of his most treasured and hidden powers.  We got it from an operative that we have inside of the Disney Corporation.  Walt Disney is a descendent of Aleister Crowley, and Crowley's work has been fully preserved and enforced through out the ranks of the Disney corporation. 

This piece holds what is known as Crowley's Climate Controller.  Wear this piece to bond with it, and it will open up your core and allow your inner alchemy to be released.  Since we are all created in God's image and he made us to be like Him, we all have a little paricle of God's powers ingrained deep within our existence, buried in our soul.  This piece will give you a higher intelligence and draw out a mental Star Map that will allow you to know the exact location of all things in existence... our solar system and beyond.  It will give you the key to the door to unlock all of the associated alchemy and sorcerer associated with all the planets and cosmological beings.  You will gain full insight into how to use this alchemy and magic to create your own powers and abilities, the same way Aleister Crowly was able to. 

This power and energy is a rare find.  It has been placed into this necklace to further disguise the powers.  We call it the Hand of Alchemy, as it holds two stones that were actually used during Crowley alchemy rituals. 


Hand of Alchemy:  Aleister's Crowley's Climate Controller
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