Hand of God, We Almost Didn't Make It!!-- Original Investigation

As I have told all of you before, we are often busy on investigation.  This is why it sometimes takes longer than other times to get back to your emails.  We want to make sure that we are booking ourselves for as many investigations as possible, this way we make sure that we are offering our customers as many different types of products as possible.  This piece is the result of one of our original investigations 

I honestly don't remember how long ago this investigation had occurred.  I think it was around a year, but you can give or take on that.  We were called up by a local parish, who has asked not to be named directly, because when they called the diocese they were told to, and I quote, "handle it yourself."  "Handle what?", you might ask.  Well, we'll get onto that later.  Needless to say, the priest of the parish couldn't do it alone.  Those of you who know me personally know that I am Catholic.  Although, I probably don't attend Mass as often as I should, I still hear things.  Things still get around.  I was talking to one of my friends who was telling about this local parish's crisis.  I gave him a business card, thinking that it would be a long shot.  I guess they were in a real desperate kind of need, because a few days later I got a call. 

This is one of the strangest possessions that I have ever experienced in my life, and trust me, I've seen some strange possessions in my time.  This was a case of a structural possession after a human exorcism gone completely awry.  Despite the fact that the building was located on consecrated ground, somehow the demon managed to overcome all of that.  It went rogue and had begun terrorizing the parishioners of the church.  One night the choir was practicing when they began to hear hissing and howling sounds from the corner of the building.  The organ would randomly begin to play very ominous, eerie, music.  During mass the lights would come on and off and once a statue of the Virgin Mary became engulfed in flames during a reading of the Lord's Prayer.  It all stemmed from the priest attempting to perform an unsanctioned exorcism or a woman who could not prove she was possessed.  The woman, as well as the priest and most people of the parish, knew she was possessed.  We don't have to get into the reasons why. The point is the priest did the ritual without the sanctioning of the Vatican, because he knew it was necessary.  Unfortunately, in the process, he release the evil into the atmosphere, where it latched onto the church rather than another human being.  This doesn't happen often, only on occasion.

After the priest reached out to us for help, we set up our necessary equipment, preparing to make camp until the following day.  Well, our plans didn't go as planned.  It was a wild game of cat and mouse all night, with the demon leading us to dead ends are trick us by taking different team members forms.  For instance, one time I went into the foyer of the church and encountered Deedee who informed me to pack up, because we were leaving for the night.  I did as I was told as Deedee went about her business.  A few minutes later Deedee came in again and looked at me funny.  She asked why I was packing up the equipment, and I told her what had happened.  Who I had seen was not her, but the demon who had taken her form.  It was a very surreal, very scary experience.  We saw the demons reflection several times in the stain glass windows.  We witness the playing of the organ.  It was a very sad, creepy song that we heard.  We heard the hissing and growling and one time.  At one point one of they guys that was helping us out from the Parish, named Kevin, was sitting on the floor staring at a picture of Jesus Christ being crucified.  Every so often he would go into raging fits of hysterical laughter and start yelling something in what I would assume was Latin-- or maybe Tongues.  I'm not sure.  

This went on for three nights.  On the third night we were as determined to rid the place of its demon, as the demon was determined to stay.  As we walked into the sanctuary of the church, we were greeted by our normal organ music in ominous tones.  We had grabbed an old book novenas from the 1800s and brought it with us and planned on reading the novenas a blessing the place with holy water that had been made for us by the priest.  At the sight of this, the demon let out a low hiss.  As we began our sanctification process, the hiss grew into a scream that pierced the ears so bad, we were put to the floor of church. I thought for sure my ears were going to bleed.  If you ever wanted to hear the scream of a Banshee, this must have been very similar.  Then, something else happened.  The foundation of the church began to shake and we thought that we were goners for sure; but then a white light ascended from the floor through the roof of the church and I can only imagine all the way to Heaven.  A voice like the voice of the trumpet talked about in Revelations, resounded from the light and from the light stepped out an angel who identified himself as Michael, Slayer of Devils.  He commanded the demon to return from whence he came and then there was silence.  Deedee was then handed this object that you see here and given instructions to continue cleansing the building, just to do it with this piece.  Needless to say it took a while.  The parish was big and this cylinder is not so big.  We finally got it done, though and the priest hasn't experienced any trouble since then.  

As for the piece... we kept that, even after Saint Michael, the archangel, returned to Heaven.  We kept it even after we properly cleansed the church.  We did some investigating with the piece and found out that this piece was actually formulated by the hand of God.  This is how they powers speak with such authority.  It has been blasted with holy power in such a way that it will never need to be recharged and it will never lose its powers.  To use the powers in this piece, you open it up and fill it with liquid.  No matter what kind of liquid you put in it, it turns it into "holy water".  You can also fill it with water or essential oils.  When you wear the fluid on you, your physical body and your soul will be free from any type of danger.  It will repel evil back to where it came from if it tries to overcome your existence.  When used during exorcism, this liquid can be dispelled upon the person who is possessed.  The demon will leave immediately.  You can use the liquid to spray around your house to cleanse and sanctify it.  When sprayed in a doorway on window, it will create an invisible barrier that will keep all unwanted, evil predators away.  Whether it is a demon, werewolf, vampire, witch, or some other form that has to be invited it, it will not allow them to enter-- even if they are invited it.  It will force them to have to stay at the door.  Then, you will know the true existence of these creatures and they will leave you alone.

As you can see, this is the ultimate white light protection piece.  It never runs out, because it can be refilled.  It wards off all evil and fortifies your house, so can assure that you and the folks living there are 100% percent safe.   This is probably one of the strongest protection pieces that we've had in a while.  I'd love to offer you each one, but unfortunately, Saint Michael doesn't come along and show himself to you every day, so we only have one.  It's not a piece you want to pass up, so don't regret not getting this one!

Hand of God, We Almost Didn't Make It!!-- Original Investigation
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