Hard Cast Skull ~ RR -

This is one of the more strange and mysterious items from my collection. When I aquired this item all I was told was that it was a real animal skull and the mixed silver and stones set in it were hard cast magic. Basically the silver was melted and mixed alchemically with other items and then formed and set on the skull during a ritual magic ceremony. Much thought, work and effort went in to this item and I would not be at all surprised if the silver used in this is amalgam silver.

As you can hear in the YouTube videos the experiences Lindy and Dee Dee have had, it is a very powerful item that really gives out a creepy vibe and is very active.

More testing is being done on this item, but what we do know is that it is a definite dual energy item, often heavy. Each skull face on the skull contains a purpose and ability. We are hoping to have Raviniska and Shine look at it more and find out exactly what each one does and to find out more info about it. The eyes are different colored glassy stones, one with hair wrapped around it. And when you stare in to the eyes it, as best I can describe, puts you in to a trance of sorts. Doing this seems to activate the top stone which releases the power, energy and or spirits in to the area. It is a very difficult item to photograph and most pictures come out blurry, hazy or just disappear like what happened to Lindy and Dee Dee.

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Hard Cast Skull ~ RR -
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