Hard Drives and Sex

Hard Drives and Sex<br /><br />


If you are anything like most of us here at Haunted Curiosities, you dig a man that has intelligence.  I mean, yeah your guy has to be physically presentable; however, if a man can entertain you with hour long conversations about hard drives and IDE connections complete with examples of "jumping electrodes" and "pushing pins into sockets", the looks department is a little bit forgivable.  Long story short:  WE LOVE INTELLIGENT MEN!!  <br /><br />


If sex spirits had a Geek Squad, the sexual intelligence of the spirit in this item would qualify him to be the CEO of the company.  I mean, he isn't just another run-off-the-mill, nymphomaniac sex spirit.  This one has finesse.  He knows what he is doing and isn't afraid to plug his hard drive into your IDE socket, or however it goes.  You can feel the difference with this one as he spanks your ass and nibble your nips.  He knows all the right places to feel you and won't stop until your that hot and overworked that you cooling unit needs to be replaced!!  <br /><br />


If your looking for hot, electric sex… one that's going to completely blow your fuse, look no further.  The tantalizing sexual deviations of this sex spirit will fully satisfy your every need, with speeds that blow your mind!  There isn't anything that he won't do, nothing is out of bounds and nothing is taboo.  If you want foreplay with fruits and veggies with some "special dip" then so be it.  If you like a little chocolate sauce, then fondue away!!  There are no rules and the fantasy is yours-- so go ahead, live it out.  When you're done, you just might need a new processor!!  <br /><br />


To use this item merely sew it anywhere and where it all day long to stay in a constant state of bonding with your entity!!  

Hard Drives and Sex
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