Hashima Has A Secret

Hashima Island is now an industrial heritage site, but this wasn't always the case.  It was once a Japanese industrial boomtown.  Accommodations on the 16 acre island provided for over 5,000 people who lived on the island and mined the  underwater coal minds on the island.  In the 1970s, with coal supplies nearing depletion, Hashima Island mine was closed and the residents followed shortly thereafter.  This supposedly left the island totally abandoned.  
It's a normal story if that is the one that you want to believe.  I will tell you this much-- that story is pretty much fabricated.  Not entirely fabricated, but mostly. Yes, the coal resources on the island were just about depleted.  However, this didn't stop the island from serving some other productive purpose.   Who knows what could've happened on the island?  The people never got a chance to make this discovery, because another, more sinister discovery was made instead.  
Near the bottom of the coal mine, workers discovered a human skeleton.  They had absolutely no idea how the skeleton ended up here, so they were going to gather the remains and bring them back to the island for analysis.  However, during the process of moving the bones, one of workers scraped himself.  His blood spilled upon the bones and they began to take a humanoid form.  
In the moments that followed, pandemonium broke out.  The entity that had taken form, sank its fangs into the closest worker.  He was incredibly thirst for blood, as the body that had been awakened was that of an immortal sanguine vampire.  This in turn changed the worker into a ravenous, thirsty sanguine as well.  They workers began turning into vampires one by one.  Some of them got out unscathed, some of them fought the vampires, attempting to kill them.  Most of the humans and newly changed vampires were locked in a rocky grave, after a blast by those who escaped sealed their fate.  
There was an evacuation of the island, during which all mortals were inspected to make sure they weren't vampires.  The island laid in ruins as a result.  Some of the sanguines did make it to the top.  The have since become more practiced and have grown in their power.  They no longer crave human blood and this is a good thing, especially for the tourists that visit the island.  
Our investigation involved conjuring one of the vampires that was left behind on the island.  He came to us in full sanguine form and helped us make this item.  This item is a transformation piece, but it doesn't really give you a full sanguine transformation.  They didn't give the ring the "sanguine" aspect so to speak, so that way you won't crave human blood or go on murderous rampages, biting those you love.  
Instead, this piece rearranges your DNA and realigns it.  This will awaken all the abilities of a sanguine vampire.  You will be able to feel what it feels like to become a vampire without actually having to become one.  This is probably the best scenario, especially for those of you who are curious but don't want to go through with the whole transformation process that may be irreversible.  
The powers you get with this piece include those that you would typically associate with sanguine powers.  Precognition, full psychic awakening, mesmerizing of others, sanguine sorcery to create powers and abilities, the ability to astral travel, the ability to enter others' dreams, the ability to control the thoughts of others, the ability to bilocate here and in the astral realms, there are a whole bunch that come with this piece.  You will have to use the piece to become familiar with them all.  The best part is that using this piece you can summon the same sanguine we did, at any time, for guidance in your new abilities!  This is pretty awesome, considering he is a expert by now.  
Whether you are new to vampirism or you are a practiced vampirist, this piece will bring you a ton of power and affect you in ways you didn't know possible.  
Hashima Has A Secret
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