Hatch. Wealth. Rebirth. Your Own Phoenix Hatchlings.

Looking to catch a break?  Aren't we all.  I know what it's like.  You wake up in the morning wishing to yourself that you had just a little more money for this, a little less owed for a bill here.  You want that promotion or raise at your job.  You want your mortgage rate to decrease.  The list goes on and on and on.  Ideally, accomplishing all of these things would be the beginning a wealth new lifestyle, no?  If not wealthy, at least putting all your debt behind you and gaining more money than you had the day before, you would at least be able to rest at night, not worrying how your next bill is going to be paid.  Well I can assure you right now that we are all in this market at one point in time.  This is why I am offering this piece, called Phoenix Hatchlings.  

This piece is actually an item I received from a dear friend of mine who is employed by the Egyptians to give tours of the Pyramids in Giza and other outlying pyramids that are in the area.  He is a literally a geographical genius of sorts.  He is also a devout practitioner of magic-- believing deeply in the power and ability of ancient Egyptian magic. In fact, he often tells me that a full Egyptian resurrection would cure the world, because they had answers that not even the most powerful of magic practitioners do, today.  It was all in their brain, which was linked to the ultimate brain of Egyptian power-- the Apex of the grandiose Pyramid of Giza.  

Either way, the point is that he is a geographical genius and he loves magic.  Thus, it perfect sense to me that whenever I have a question about magic he can usually tell me where it came from or supposedly came from.  He also sends me items from time to time, because for him magic prospecting, raising souls from the dead, and channeling gods is all one gigantic fun hobby.  The more power he can relinquish into the mortal world the better.  He wants to help people understand and to experience the world the way that he experiences.  That's why when he sends me items for sale, I know that they are 100% powerful, legitimate pieces.  This is the case with this item, as well.  

This item resurrects the presence of a god known as Benu.  He was mostly worshipped by the Egyptians in Heliopolis.  It was often thought by scholars that Benu was a solar bird, close in relations to the Greek Phoenix.  The problem with Benu, however, is that there wasn't a whole bunch recorded about him, which leaves his existence wide open for interpretation.  Unless your like Haunted Curiosities and you know the real truth... because you have a genius friend who does tours and resurrects spirits as a hobby.  Then,  you'd be in the know.  Or you could by this piece, it also helps you to realize the truth due to the nature of its power.  

It turns out the Benu is NOT a Phoenix-- he isn't even close to being a Phoenix. Rather he is the keeper of the birds, which is why he is masqueraded as being a bird, because he is the ruler over them and their powers.  He is particularly fond of the Phoenix, which is why he keeps them as pets, which is why his identity is often misconstrued as being a parallel to the Phoenix.

This item is an item that was made by my friend in Egypt, who discovered the powers of Benuwhile giving a tour in Heliopolis.  This piece allows you spiritual birth your very own phoenixes. This piece will operate cyclically, thus taking the form of the Phoenix's cyclic life form.  Each phoenix you birth will bring you extreme wealth powers.  It will only bring you extreme wealth in one area of your life, though.  Then you must birth a new phoenix and send it out on a new mission.  

For instance say you want wealth in the form of a new car.  You can use this piece to birth your first phoenix and send him out on a mission you bring you a new car.  When he is done, he will have performed the request for you.  Then he will burst in to flames, and you will be able to birth a new phoenix for something else-- like maybe a new house, extra dividends, a promotion at work, wealth in the form of an inheritance... whatever it is that you want.  It can only perform one wealth task per lifecycle, but it will be well worth it, because The powers this birthing piece possesses is extremely powerful beyond anything you've ever experienced.    

Your hatchling will appear to you out of a burst of flames, with a purple-red coat of feathers. It is at this time you must bond with your new hatchling by developing psychic communication with the bird, which shouldn't be hard, given the esoteric properties of this piece.  Once you connect with your new hatchling it will go worth to accomplish and bring you any form of wealth you want.  It really IS that powerful.  Then it will burst in to flames and you can repeat the process. 


This ring is a size 10 and it is sterling silver and fire amber

Hatch. Wealth. Rebirth. Your Own Phoenix Hatchlings.
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